Oh Lego Advent Calendar, you have turned into quite the fountain of disappointment. Once again, look at all the cool stuff going on in the window there. There’s even Lego ICE with people skating on it. Do we get any of that cool stuff in the advent calendar? No, we get more frickin’ car parts!

This has turned from a Lego advent into a damn automotive shop!

I skipped right to the build, so sue me. Why is the windshield in two pieces? They couldn’t have made that one long solid piece?

It’s a decent car, but it’s nothing amazing. I don’t know if there will be more parts or not. What I do know is that I went to Walgreens and found a bootleg Lego toy that has a bunch of Police vehicles for $6, including a car that BLOWS this one out of the water.

This is from the Best Lock “Town” collection. It was a bit harder to put together, but it also didn’t take up half of my advent calendar either!

It even came with it’s own Lego-like cop figure. I’ll confess, we’re seriously getting into Maniac Cop territory now. This guy has freakish skin and I’m pretty sure his Police badge is a Pepsi logo.

Still his car blows Lego’s away. And he came with other stuff too! Also his stuff is fully compatible with Lego!

Did I mention his car has working doors?!

His ride makes the Lego advent cop car look like a Power Wheels.

Maybe I’ll combine the two into some super awesome cop car. Or maybe I’ll throw the Lego one in the river and pretend I got this cooler one out of the advent, but it was only one day, not 17 of my advent days.


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