Two days ago a robot went on a rampage. Plus we met our friendly Lego dog. Yesterday we had the debut of Officer Dick Cramp and a Gamera attack. What lay in store for us behind the cut for Day 14 of our Lego advent calendar? Let’s find out! Only 10 days remain!

It’s an evidence center?! Originally I thought it was a stove, but it looks like maybe a fingerprints station or a forensics lab.

Does that make this an evidence bag?


However, part of the setup is clearly a spyglass. Even if it’s not supposed to be one. So you can use that for new purposes!

Also, the magnifying glass is pretty cool.


Which makes it kind of lame to strap it down to this table.

The police are so busy using their new table, they’re missing all the action!

Then again, perhaps that’s for the best. See you tomorrow where I’ll review another piece of the police station or something equally as boring… Or perhaps not? You’ll just have to wait and see!

2 Responses to Lego Advent Calendar – Day 14

  • Bill says:

    What is up with the selection of toys in this set?! It's like the "Law & Order" of Advent toy sets! Can we have an elf, or a snowman, or something even remotely connected to Christmas?!

    Actually, I'm not complaining, this cracks me up.

  • I must confess, I'm not sure what is up with all the police stuff. It does seem like this is CSI: Lego Advent or something. It's been a strange adventure thus far, I gotta admit. It's forcing me to be creative or go insane… One of the two.

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