It’s the 13th day of Lego Advent, but it’s also the 1st of the 12 Days of Gamera right here at Infinite Hollywood! Will these two epic holiday traditions clash? You’re just going to have to click to see what’s behind the cut!

Our little window opens to reveal another police officer! This guy is wearing a more sophisticated suit. He must be the Police Chief… He looks like a real dick, too.

Dick bag?

As usual, you get a couple extra parts. This time it’s an extra walkie-talkie and a hat. Stuff you can outfit your other po-po with.

He just looks so mean. I guess he’s not in the Christmas spirit. Perhaps the 12 Days of Gamera will cheer him up?

“This is Officer Dick Cramp, Christmas is canceled, do you read me? Over!”

“10-4, I do read you, but sir only Gamera has the power to cancel Christmas!”

“Who is this Gamera? What does he have to do with the holidays…”


“This is Officer Dick, requesting backup! It’s a sea of humanity and devistation here! The 12 Days of Gamera have begun!”

Gamera is really neat,

Gamera is full of meat.

We all love you Gam-e-ra.

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