It’s day twelve, but it feels like day twelve hundred! Have I officially ran out of ways to talk about bigging Lego walls? Yes, yes I have. So instead, I break all the rules and use the Lego pieces to build whatever the hell I want. This should be fun. You wanna get nuts? LET’S GET NUTS!

Yeah we have another wall. Much like yesterday’s wall which is still in the background of my mangled Advent… This one has a window.

Harvey Wallbagger.

What can I make from this heap of crap?

When I was a kid you just got a bunch of Legos in a box and tried to make crap out of it. They only had like 6 types of Legos back then, so your imagination was key. So yeah, using that method… I MADE A ROBOT! Say hello to Brick-Tron 6000! He has one long arm… It’s for drying laundry.

And who’s that? It’s his trusty pooch, Block-boo! Yeah I made these two creations using only today’s wall parts and two spare brown leftover bricks.

Sit Block-boo, sit. Good dog.

OH NO! Brick-Tron 6000 has become self aware! Now he’s not using his arm to dry laundry, but instead dry humans for Soylent Jerky! QUICK DISASSEMBLE HIM WITH THE AXE!


I said run you drunk!

Or you can build this…

I guess this thing I thought was a table is actually a bed. It looks pretty uncomfortable… Then again, it is a jail bed, so I guess it’s not supposed to be comfortable.

I like my imagination better. Clearly I’m just too creative for Lego.

Don’t forget the 12 DAYS OF GAMERA starts tommorrow… Plus we’ll have more Lego Advent! See you then!

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