It’s day ten! We’re in double digits! Christmas is just around the corner! What does the Lego Advent Calendar have for us today?! What bonus pieces will we have?! What happens next?! BEHIND THE CUT!!!

It’s a fish fry! Fishing rod, fish and a small camp fire. Awesome. I used to love to go fishing with my Grandfather. I miss that. Although we never went ice fishing. I’d like to go ice fishing sometime. Maybe next year?!

Smells like a bag of plastic fish.

Easy to assemble.

One of the nice things about the fireplace here is that there’s a little spot on the fold out portion of the box for a campfire. It’s a perfect fit! Plus Lego fire… Who even knew they made such things? Our bonus piece is an extra piece of fire.

That means FLAMING SNOWBALLS! Just like in that old Donald Duck cartoon where he’s at war with Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They basically try to kill one another in a snowball fight and yes, flaming snowballs are used. It’s awesome.

It’s freaking COLD outside today. Try not to freeze your butt off. Enjoy some fish by the fire. See you in 24!

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