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I’ll confess to being biased because I’m a Hulkamaniac but leave Hulk Hogan alone! Sorry I had to go all Chris Crocker there, but seriously back off the Hulk. Ever since Hogan launched his reality show a few years back he’s been under constant scrutiny. As Hulk started to rake in the cash, everyone wanted to stick it to him. Linda, his long time wife ditched him after their son Nick was involved in a car accident.

I don’t approve of Nick’s actions, but at the end of the day Nick served his time. During that time Hulk’s secret conversations with Nick where comments were taken out of context and published all through the media. It all came crashing down it eventually led to Linda seeking a divorce from the Hulkster.

Now a week or two ago Hogan said he understood where OJ was coming from (I’ll admit it’s a strange statement) but this is after he’s seeing his wife of 20 years take literally MILLIONS and millions from him. Now Linda needs an extra $8,200 so she can move “thousands of miles away” from Hulk. Oh, and an extra $24,000 for rent. So maybe he wants to murder his wife. Look, nobody is perfect. He bodyslammed Andre the Giant for you!

But worst of all is the stories on AOL’s front page about how it’s creepy that Hogan’s new GF looks like his daughter and that they have some of the same interests. Here’s a newsflash for you, Hogan liked Linda, Linda birthed Brooke… Hulks new GF looks similar to Linda, which also means she looks a bit like Brooke. But honestly, don’t all big breasted plastic blondes sort of look the same in that sense? How dare anyone insinuate that Hogan is a pervert.

Sure, there was that time he rubbed lotion on Brooke’s butt. But really, that was just being a good father. Using the 24 inch pythons to block those harmful UV rays. Hogan was going by his old creed, “Say your prayers, take your vitamins and always use SPF 20 sunblock”. He rubbed lotion on Iron Sheik’s butt too, but that didn’t mean he supported Iran.

And yeah, okay he said he could understand where OJ Simpson was coming from. But he also said he’d never do what OJ did even though he sees what drives a man to do that sort of thing. Besides, is it really a surprise that Hulk thought about pulling an OJ? This guy was the leader of the nWo and you know that when you’re nWo, you’re nWo 4-Life!

I’m just tired of people hating on Hulk. He’s going through a tough time and they guy is a genuine nice guy. He’s dedicated thousands of hours of his time to Make-A-Wish foundation and taught kids to be drug free and responsible for decades. Hell, if WrestleMania VII showed us anything, Hogan single handedly won the Gulf War in the 1990’s by defeating Sgt. Slaughter and without him we’d probably all be living under Saddam Hussein’s rule. SO LEAVE HULK ALONE… BROTHER!

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