Well it’s official, Law & Order is really, finally, finished. Although NBC Canceled the show back in May, there had been hopes it would end up on another network. Producer Dick Wolf felt the show had reached some interesting new places with the recent cast changes and I agree. He had shopped the show around to get it to a record breaking 21st season, but it seems as if that will no longer happen. Originally TNT was in the running, then A&E, USA, Bravo and most recently AMC was supposedly interested. News came down today from Wolf himself, though, that it’s not likely to happen. Here’s what he told Variety:

“I can confirm that it has moved into the history books. We exhausted every effort. There are so many factors that entered into the network’s decision. Everything in life is a negotiation. In 25 years on air at NBC, we never failed to make a deal when there was a deal to be made.”

– Dick Wolf on Law & Order August 2nd, 2010

That’s quite the bummer to me, as I had hoped Law & Order would be able to find a new network. I was especially intrigued by the idea of AMC getting Law & Order, since they would be able to infuse some gritty reality into the program, like they do their others shows, such as Breaking Bad. No such luck however. Apparently NBC/Universal had a lot to do with Law & Order’s inability to get onto another network, although no specific details were made available.

Law & Order is not only a favorite around this household, a milestone in television, but also a piece of history here at Infinite Hollywood as well. In our second ever post, I discussed both the Criminal Intent and SVU season finales in 2007. In the last couple of years, the original Law & Order seemed to be moving back up the quality rankings, if not necessarily the ratings as adding characters like Assistant D.A. Mike Cutter really rejuvenated the show.

Of course Law & Order fanatics don’t have too much reason to fret, with a new L&O show being launched on NBC, SVU returning and potentially more seasons of Criminal Intent. Still, the original will be gone. Farewell old friend… Here’s a 20 “DOINK DOINK” salute to you!

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