Every year new shows get picked up and last season’s shows are often canceled. It’s tough to build a following for any particular show because of these very reasons. I try to pick up a show or two each fall season to watch, but it’s tough. You know that with any new show that there is a 50/50 chance it will get canned. Last year I lost Eastwick, right when the show was really starting to get interesting.

But no network has managed to screw up as bad as NBC has. This former network giant is now in last place amongst the networks and only months after pissing all over the legacy of the Tonight Show and alienating a huge chunk of their fans by ousting Conan O’Brien in favor of Jay Leno, they manage to do it yet again. The good news is… Chuck’s back for another season. Although the last few episodes of Chuck have been good, here’s the dirty little secret: Chuck was neutered this past season. The show lost a lot of it’s charm and while I’m glad to see it’s back for one more season, we all know this is going to be the last season of Chuck and Jeff and Lester will be lucky to have 20 minutes total screen time. NBC is pulling the funding out from the show, no doubt like they did this season.

But that’s really it as far as NBC is concerned. First the big bombshell, Heroes is canceled. Boo hoo. Look, I loved the first season of Heroes too. It was excellent, despite an anticlimactic ending. Season 2 blew chunks, Season 3 was even worse and this past season was good, but still not quite up to form. Heroes probably should have been canceled. Live and let die. Reportedly, Heroes will get some sort of sendoff.

But what about a show that’s been on NBC for a record 20 Seasons?! What about LAW AND ORDER?! Well… NBC canceled it. Even though Law & Order still does good in the ratings (phenomenal by NBC standards these days) and had it made it to it’s 21st season it would have been the longest running Prime-Time drama in the HISTORY OF TELEVISION!

Now I’m not a marketing genius, but wouldn’t a record breaking highly hyped FINAL season of Law & Order be a gold mine? People LOVE to watch this final seasons of a show when they know that they’re getting closure. Sure, a show that’s been on for a year or two might not get the distinction of having that final season, but a show that’s been on nearly 20 years, yeah… It probably SHOULD.

Instead NBC has greenlit another Law & Order spinoff, while the original Law & Order, an NBC staple since Carson was on the air, ends in a random episode at the end of this month. It’s a real shame too, as the current cast of Law & Order is one of their best. The show still appeals to older people, but the cast is young enough that it’s trendy. Mike Cutter is the best DA on television people! Plus Jack McCoy has been great in his new head DA role. Heck I even like Anthony Anderson on Law & Order!

So for the lack of something more philosophical to say, I’ll just say that the legions of fans who have made Law & Order a hit for NBC and Universal for the past 20 seasons, here’s a hearty Jerry Orbach styled, SCREW You, to NBC. You missed out on history, you missed out on setting a milestone and oh yeah, you’re going to be missing out on millions of viewers weekly. NBC isn’t in the dumps because of Law & Order’s low ratings, Law & Order has low ratings because NBC is in the dumps. Perhaps had you created another hit show in the past 20 seasons, Law & Order wouldn’t be the only show left on your network that hasn’t had the axe.

I’m not saying Law & Order should be on for another 20 years. Maybe it is time to wrap things up. Then wrap them up proper. Law & Order deserves one last season, one last hurrah and one last time to ride off into the sunset.

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