1. I missed out on King Grayskull the second time around. Although I have my original Grayskull, I really wanted the updated deco of the second release. Is the second Grayskull considered a “regular” figure and thus could be re-released if demand warrants it?

Yes, he could be re-released but we don’t have plans right now to do so. Getting him out on a single card was intentional so that he fit into the mainline and “could” be re-released if demand was there.

2. In the WWE line, an Andre the Giant figure was previewed and it was mentioned that he may come with a Classic WWF style Real Scale ring. Is that still in the works, and is it something we can look forward to in the upcoming year?

Yes, this is in the works but we won’t have exact details quite yet. Stay tuned!

3. While I’m thrilled to see the WWE stands go away seemingly in favor of more accessories, some fans are lamenting the loss of those stands. One idea that’s been discussed in the wrestling community is having WWE stands as exclusives on MattyCollector’s website. Is this something that would be feasible?

Yes, this is something we are looking into. The DC and MOTU stands did very well.

4. The WWE Legends/Classics line has thus far not included any “classic” versions of current wrestlers. However, certain classic renditions of Undertaker, etc have surfaced in places like Entrance Greats. With the number of slots per wave decreasing on the Legends line, will say like a Classic Kane or Undertaker be worked into those few slots or will they get a classic treatment but be released in the main Elite line to save those Legends spots for other characters?

All of these options are on the table. We are not cornered into any one way of releasing classic or modern figures!

5. This has been mentioned before, but last year one of the hottest talked about items was a “leaked” prototype of Movie Masters 1989 Batman. As it turns out, the entire thing was a hoax, but the buzz on the item was huge and fans seem eager to dig into this property. Mattel has started some classic Movie Masters stuff with the large scale Superman figures. Has Mattel made any inroads on expanding their Movie Masters line into more of these classic highly sought after classic DC movie properties?

We are looking into classic DC live action films but outside of the 12” Superman line there is nothing to announce right now. We are well aware of fan demand, it just takes the right timing to make something like this happen.

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