Kreo Sgt. Drill and Zombie

Kre-O Cityville Invasion
Sgt. Drill & Zombie Soldier
1 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

Hasbro’s Kre-O figures are one of my favorite new toylines of the past couple of years, but unfortunately they haven’t exactly taken the world by storm. Hasbro decided to push a smaller version, tied in with a game for tablets, called Cityville Invasion. These figures are smaller than the regular Kreo/Lego style figures, but use the same scale heads, hats and accessories. I picked up a set a while back in hopes of creating a custom Sgt. Slaughter.

Knockoff Lego
This set has two figures and is packed blind, like most mini blind bag toys out there these days. It didn’t take long for me to find them and they were available at most every retailer. I think these guys have since been clearanced out, so you may have to look a bit more for them. Is this Kreo 2 pack worth your money? Can you make a custom Sgt. Slaughter out of this set?

These come in a standard blind bag. There’s nothing new here, with an attractive logo graphic on the front and a check list on the back. Each set has a custom code, so it’s not that “blind” if you know the codes. The code for this set is “31401 75” in case you’re looking for the Kre-O code.

Inside the figures and accessories are unassembled, but it does include instructions on how to build them.

These guys are a bit controversial in the brick mini figure world as they went for a new “mini” size. I think it works well enough, but I can see why people are against it. The figures have less articulation and there’s not that much different than a regular Kreo, so why even bother for the smaller scale? All that said, I think they work well within the context that they’re designed.

Sadly, the main reason I bought this figure ended up being a moot point. Sgt. Drill is actually too dark skinned to be Sgt. Slaughter. He’s still got a cool hat and face design, but he can’t pass for the Sarge.

The Zombie figure is neat, particularly if you’re looking for some sort of evil guy to fight your Joe Kreos. The GI Joe Con just did a zombie set, so pick a few of these guys up if you’re looking to expand upon that idea.

The heads are completely interchangeable with regular Kreos and Legos.

You’ve got cut arms, waist and a cut neck. No leg articulation at all. These again, they barely have any legs.

The only real positive here is that the arms are individually articulated, which is nice. The waist cut is a surprise too.

Perhaps the main reason people would want to buy these guys is the accessories. There’s a lot of good accessories for your Kreo/Lego figures in these sets. This one includes a handgun, nightstick, helmet and hat.

There’s also a strange little rubber pawn piece that’s used with some of the vibrating sets. Think of the old vibrating football games from the 70’s and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how these are used.

You also get a display brick.

Kids who buy these guys aren’t really looking for lots of articulation anyway, so for the most part these are a good fit for young’uns at a couple bucks per set. The only issue is more for collectors, who will likely only want the heads and accessories and then have no use for the bodies.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 4
Sculpting – 4
Paint – 4
Articulation – 4
Accessories – Hat, Helmet, Pistol, Nightstick, Game Piece, Stand
Value – 9
Overall – 6 out of 10

Overall these aren’t bad little figures. If you want to expand upon your Kreo collection, this is a good place to start. I could see the entire game/range being fun for young kids and it’s nice to have some creative Lego alternatives out there. It’s a shame I couldn’t make my Sgt. Slaughter out of this set, though.

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