Written by Thomas Hall; Illustrated by Daniel Bradford

Blacklist Studios creators of the awesome, Robot-13, reviewed here (BUY A COPY ALREADY!) have unleashed their newest creation set to hit the virtual newsstands on August 16th. It’s a comic called, “KING!”, and it’s got everything you’d want in a funny book. I got to check out an advanced copy of issue #1 and I thought I’d give it a little review and encourage you to check it out, since it rocks.

King once again has that same sort of Mike Mignola-esque feel to it that Robot-13 has, but packs a lot more of a comedic punch. King himself is a former pro wrestler, turned mercenary for hire. He reminds me a bit of Bubba Ho-Tep’s Sebastian Haff and that’s a good thing. The comic itself is pretty out there and if I may allude to another comic, I was getting a bit of a Scud: The Disposable Assassin vibe. Trust me, that’s a big compliment as this thing just goes balls to the wall with fun.

When a unique tell-tale heart visits the King, he’s off to save the world from a zombie apocalypse or at the very least get a PB and Banana burrito and kill anybody who gets in his way. Naturally he meets plenty of creepy, nasty miscreants and they end up on the wrong side of his gun, sword and gold ring covered fists.

The comic has all the grit and raw intensity that you really only get from independent comics like this. We don’t learn a lot about the King himself, but he ticks all the boxes of cool. I love wrestling, I love Elvis and I love ass kickin’ action. The first issue dives right into the fun, but definitely wets your whistle to want more.

Since this is coming from the great writing talents of Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford, you know that if you pick this book up it’ll deliver. They’ve shown a steady and adept hand with Robot-13, so any storylines they create here will no doubt be just as well thought out… Except they’ll be a lot more insane. Fans of books that are a little bit classic pulp meets tongue-in-cheek mayhem will love this comic. In fact my only complaint would be that the King didn’t bust out any wrasslin’ moves. Hopefully in future issues we’ll see him deliver some piledrivers to the undead!

Be sure to check out Blacklist Studios for information on where you can buy print copies of this great little book when it hits shelves on August 16th. Otherwise keep tabs on your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices to see when it’s available for digital download. Don’t forget to check out their back catalogue of Robot-13 comics too, because they’re definitely worth it.

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