Written by Thomas Hall; Illustrated by Daniel Bradford

Back in August I told you about an awesome new little comic titled, KING, which I was really digging. Well the boys at Blacklist Studio have whipped up issue #2 and I got to check it out and thought I’d pass along a review to you. When we last left King he was caught in the clutches of chaos, but we find out that King made it out alright. They don’t call him the King for nothing!

Of course as poor King tries to enjoy his morning cup of Joe, another zombie is out trying to reap the King’s soul. Just another day for the former Elvis impersonator-turned wrestler-turned badass for hire. Hellboy fans will love the Mike Mignola-esque feel and anyone with a pulse will love the witty dialogue, fun atmosphere and balls to the walls calamity.

What I really love about this issue is that we delve a bit into the back story of the King. Not only was he a wrestler, but apparently was a Mexican wrestler in Lucha-Libre. I love it. We see a bit from the good ol’ days when “El Rey” (That’s Spanish for The King) was battling in the squared circle. You can tell that the boys at Blacklist Studios have a real love for what they’re doing here.

The King ends up drafted to help a small town get rid of it’s nasty vampire problem and before you can say “Rock me Van Helsing”, it’s hardcore chaos in the streets. King does what he does best and that’s kick ass and take names later. Some really fun stuff goes on in the town and we get to see some classic King hell raising.

Can the King survive the chaos? Well, without spoiling too much, let’s just say King still has some unfinished business from his past to take care of as well. The comic will be available for purchase on December the 27th over at Blacklist Studios with a variety of methods to make King #2 come rock’n’roll into your house. I give it a hearty recommendation for anyone who likes Hellboy, Evil Dead, Bad Asses or anything that’s trippy fun.

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