Darth Macho
Our friends at Kaboom Toys have a brand new exclusive launching today for 4th of July. It’s Darth Macho! It’s a 100% hand cast figure featuring a beefy shirtless Darth Vader. These one of a kind custom figures are limited to an edition of only 10. Better grab ol’ Darth while you can. You can check out all their neat toys including the Mash-Ups of the Universe at the official Kaboom Toys Website.

They have a ton of neat figures for sale in addition to him as well. I must admit, I was hoping Darth Macho would be a bit more like Randy Savage. Imagine him with a big beef jerky instead of a lightsaber! Add in a Macho Man hat and stars on his trunks and you’ve got an even more Macho Darth! Okay a man can dream can’t he? Be sure to check out Kaboom Toys if limited run custom figures are your thing. Darth Macho is on sale now and be sure to tell them Infinite Hollywood sent ya!

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