So the first few pictures of Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex have shown up on the internet. Usually I don’t get too caught up in comic to movie adaptations but this one should be interesting for a variety of reasons. First, Jonah Hex is a strange comic. It’s a Western and has been around since Westerns were popular.

Second Jonah is a bit of an anti-hero, a former Confederate soldier turned bounty hunter. With Josh Brolin in the role it has badass written all over it. Hex is of course, quite the badass. So much so that centuries later in the DC universe his old dead stuffed carcass is still passed around like the body of King Tut or something.

Jonah Hex makes for an interesting property for DC to market. Much like the Watchmen, nobody outside of the comic industry has ever heard of him. But Hex is even more underground than the Watchman. He’s probably DC’s most obscure character and he’ll have to make it not on his name, but on being a good movie.

Plus it’ll be a Western movie, but a comic Western. Which means it can be a bit more sensational than most Westerns, but it still has to play to that Deadwood audience as well. I think it’ll be a blast to see how it all comes together and I think Brolin is a damn good fit. Some seem to think that they played down his scarring, which could be true, but I think it looks pretty accurate while maintaining some sense of realism.

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