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Because this package contains six figures it’s not exactly the most flashing set on the planet. However that’s not to say it’s a terrible package. In fact it’s quite nice with a very bright color scheme and a clear front that showcases all six figures very nicely. This is important because it’s very hard sometimes to see figures in multipacks and since JLU figures are almost impossible to pose dynamically, we get to look at all the paint aps before we buy.

The back of the package is probably the best part with pictures of all the characters as they appeared in JLU the cartoon as well as brief bios. This is always a big selling point to me and the bios are tied into the show. Since this is a Secret Society pack, it explains why each person came to work for the evil Secret Society.

The only thing that really looks off about the packaging is the picture of Psycho Pirate. He technically only appeared in a frame or two in the shows in brief “blink and you miss it” cameos, which means in order to get a decent picture of him here they had to zoom in on him. He looks a bit pixelated, but I guess it was the best they could do.

Justice League Unlimited figures by Mattel don’t include much articulation. In fact aside from about a half dozen figures they all have the exact same points of articulation which is simply the big five. That includes a cut neck, cut shoulders and cut legs.

JLU figures aren’t really for posing. Some might say they aren’t even for play. Though I think kids could definitely play with them, they aren’t going to win any dynamic posing contests. Most of these guys can’t even throw a convincing punch. If you want to have them shaking hands though, the figures are great.

The package includes six figures and I’ll now run them down and go over the pros and cons of each sculpt. These are all in the animated “Bruce Timm” style. So don’t expect them to look exactly like the ones you see in the pages of the comic books. First up we have the aforementioned Psycho Pirate.

Psycho Pirate has a really nice paint job and his outfit really works in this design aesthetic. The bright red and yellows on his outfit really make him stand out. The face sculpt is particularly good and since most JLU figures only recieve one new mold piece, the head is always the most important. They definitely captured the likeness well.

He stands on his own! But not very good…

JLU figures are infamous for their inability to stand on their own for very long, if at all. Psycho Pirate stands alright but he does sort of lean forward. His cape is made of extra thick material, much thicker than any of the previous figures. In fact his cape is slightly thicker than the DC Direct Red Son Superman I just recently reviewed.

Up next we have Dr. Polaris who has a very charming fact sculpt. His head is an all new sculpt and since it requires a little more detail than most, it really looks remarkable. As nice as his helmet is, it’s the face itself that really steals the show. He has a mischievous grin on his face that fits in well with the character.

Polaris also has a rubber chest piece that covers his torso and also works as a belt. Rather than sculpt a whole new body for him, Mattel has chosen to just mold this rubber harness to go over him. It works perfectly and gives some depth to the costume. This is pretty standard practice these days to mold new pieces like this onto a basic buck, but JLU was one of the first lines to do that in the modern marketplace.

Now we have our lady of the pack, Tala who sports a nice pale paint job. Her eyes and earrings are perhaps the most visually striking but her lips and other facial paint work is quite good. The bottom of her dress is again a rubber piece molded onto a basic female buck and it works quite well giving her some range of movement in the legs with the soft skirt.

Interestingly she hasn’t been painted underneath with underwear. So if you rip off her skirt, she’s naked! It gives her legs a long look though and overall the figure has a nice sculpt. Her chest tattoo looks to be tampo work. The only thing I don’t like is that her high heels aren’t painted inbetween the heel leaving that in the flesh color.

Coming for the darkness of the ocean is Devil Ray! if you’re wondering who the hell Devil Ray is, well… He’s basically Black Manta. Apparently the rights to Black Manta were tied up with Aquaman and unavailable to the show by the time they got around to him, so they made up their own Black Manta and called him Devil Ray. For all intents and purposes though, this is Black Manta.

It’s a good thing too because Devil Ray might be one of the most visually striking villain figures in the entire history of the line. Using a dark blue, light blue and black the figure really has an aquatic feel to him. So much so that I’d love to see a Black Manta costume even closer to this one. He has a cool Manta-esque head and a backpack/chest piece that’s a rubber mold add on. The vest on mine is a bit crooked though.

Then we have perhaps the star of the show, Gentleman Ghost… Jim Craddock seemed to be an almost unknown villain and unheard of as a figure until this past year. Now Gentleman Ghost has no less than four action figures on the market and has made a few appearances in Batman the Brave and the Bold cartoon.

But it’s Justice League Unlimited that Gentleman Ghost fans owe this resurgence too. JLU brought a renewed interest in the character during his appearances on the show. His action figure although just now hitting the market, was actually the template for the DC Universe Classics version. He uses the old Joker body with the Question’s new arms and a cleverly sculpted hat and monocle on his cape.

Finally we have Lex Luthor. Although Luthor is probably the most famous villain in all of DCU, this is his third or fourth incarnation in the JLU line. It’s a bit hard to be excited by Luthor at this point. To be fair this is a redeco, but it’s a complete reuse of the previous Luthor.

Frankly I’m a bit bummed that they didn’t use the original Lex Luthor mold here just to change things up a bit. That Lex Luthor mold has never been used again, making me think that perhaps the mold was destroyed at some point. None of it’s parts have ever showed up again and that’s a shame, since it was cool classic business suit Luthor figure.

Still, Lex works as the “anchor” for this set and he looks recognizable enough with his pseudo Super Friends outfit.

Nothing. You don’t get a single accessory in this pack. Well, technically you do get a figure stand for Tala. For some odd reason, the female figures always include a stand. I presume this is because the females have issues standing, but honestly, EVERY Justice League figure struggles to stand.

Thankfully all the new figures include a peg hole, which previous releases did not. This means you can use the stand on pretty much any of these figures to get them to stand.

Additional Notes:
Despite all the issues that typically plague Justice League Unlimited figures, this is one of the nicest sets to come down the line. I’m very pleased to get it and it’s a eye popping set when you see it in the stores. Gentleman Ghost and Psycho Pirate are both very pleasing.

Some people don’t understand why anyone would collect JLU, but collecting Justice League figures is more about the aesthetic than the figures themselves. It’s akin to collecting designer vinyl figures in my view. Only a whole lot cheaper.

These six packs used to retail for $20 which was a really good value. In fact they retailed for $20 right up until the point I decided to purchase them. Now they cost $25. Even though it’s a meager increase, nothing has chapped my ass quite as much as that extra $5 on JLU figures. Even though this is a really nice set, Mattel is annoying me with it’s price increase on JLU. It’d be okay if the figures weren’t so flawed or they didn’t force us to own so many duplicates.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 6
Articulation – 4
Accessories – One Stand
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

Despite the price increase, JLU fans absolutely must obtain this pack. Not only are all the figures excellent, a few of them are some of the best JLU figures to date. Gentleman Ghost stands out as a real highlight of the line. Even the extra Luthor isn’t too bad because at lease it’s not ANOTHER Superman.

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  • Brodie says:

    Dugg, and currently Digg, sir.

    -Brodie (Technodrome)

  • Dan says:

    Nice review, and I agree about the price increase being obnoxious just as it was with the 3 packs. Is it getting us more unique sculpts or better paint or plastic… fewer re-packs of the same characters? Nope. Just Target realizing they can charge more.

  • Michael says:

    The price increase is fine with me just as long as new JLU items are released. I have yet to locate the new three packs and am worrying for the future of the line. :\

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