Ready for some more Robots? There’s 11 more days of March left and that means plenty more robots on the way for our March of the Robots month long extravaganza. Today I’m taking a look at a MattyCollector exclusive JLU figure, Robotman. He’s from the Doom Patrol!

Justice League Unlimited
4 Inch Scale
By: Mattel
$10.00 (Actually $40, Only Available in Doom Patrol 4 Pack)

Despite the fact that his name is freaking ROBOTMAN, he’s actually not a robot. He’s a cyborg. I know some people have some issues with the differences. As I’ve stated before here during our March celebration, that’s good enough for me. What is Robotman all about though?

Cliff Steele became Robotman after a race car accident destroyed his body. Scientists subsequently placed Cliff’s intact brain into a robotic body. After the operation, Cliff suffered from frequent depression because he viewed himself as less than human. Robotman’s original mechanical body possessed superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. It was also equipped with electromagnetic feet that enabled him to scale metal walls, heating coils in his hands then enabled him to melt metals, an oxygen tank that could sustain his brain in an emergency, and a video communicator strapped to his chest that allowed him to maintain contact with the team in the field, complete with visual information. Later bodies have featured various other functions, such as tools and weapons systems.

Robotman is a part of the Doom Patrol and never actually appeared in the JLU cartoon. He did appear in the Teen Titans cartoon, though. Close enough, I guess. He was part of one of the last MattyCollector 4 packs of Justice League figures and sold out quite quickly due to the small run of the figures.

For whatever reason, the figures in the Matty 4 packs all came single carded. Many JLU fans said they’d just assume have them in a paper sack if it would save on costs as no JLU collector I know is a MOC guy, but Mattel said no. As such, you get the figures on single cards. These are from the most recent orange series packaging.

It’s a decent package, mind you, but as I’ve said before having all the DC lines have similar packaging basically makes me hate the packages. Everything looks the same and thus nothing really has an identity. Robotman kind of looks neat because he’s bright orange like the package though.

The back of the package shows off the other members of the Doom Patrol. I like that it gives him a bio, that’s an important part of showing off the character. For his pictures they opted to just show some uncolored drawings of him in JLU style. It looks awkward. Why isn’t it colored? Personally I would have used some scenes from Teen Titans, but maybe contracts prevented that.

Interestingly Matty Mattel is right smack dab in the middle of the package, posted up like a douchebag. I guess that’s a good thing, because he is one.

JLU is a budget line. It’s all about minimal tooling to recreate characters that look like the Bruce Timm artwork. Despite all that, Robotman has almost entirely a new body. I guess he’s the one we have to blame for the new JLU Target pricetag of $8! Thanks Cliff!

The new head, torso and arms all look great. It definitely captures the essence of Robotman and Chip be damned, I like non JLU characters in the line. Who cares if he didn’t appear in the show or not? He’s a great figure and he looks really cool.

Robotman’s storyline is very much akin to Frankenstein and the figure definitely is channeling big Frank. The broad shoulders, the square jaw, it’s all there. I must confess, Mattel did a great job sculpting this guy.

All in all he’s quite good sculpt wise. The paint is actually quite impressive too for a JLU figure. It’s got a glossy metallic paint job over most of the body. The rest of it is simply blues and blacks, but there’s very little slop and it’s mostly clean lines. The paint really makes him stand out. Thankfully something about him stands, because he’s using some old JLU legs that are awkward.

No one has ever quite figured it out for sure, but some JLU legs are longer than others. That means that Robotman can barely stand and he’s prone to falling over when he does. JLUs are kind of like expensively priced, cheap quality plastic, rubber dominos.

Robotman is the first JLU figure to feature 17 points of articulation, including ball joints, Revoltech style revolver joints and swivel hinges… Just kidding, Robotman has the big five and he likes it!

You can get three poses out of Robotman. Standing (falling), Arms up, Legs up! Let your creativity run wild!

Since Robotman cost $10, he comes with nothing. Just some extra plastic to cry your tears into.

I say that Robotman costs $10, but in all actuality he costs $40 (plus shipping!) because the only way you could get him is if you bought the Doom Patrol 4 pack. This guy came out back before JLU figures cost $8 at retail. Maybe that’s the reason they got the crazy idea that they could jack the price up that much. I have no idea. The point is, this guy is worth $5. He’s not even a great value at $5. For $10 or 1/4 of $40, feel free to punch yourself for being a dumbass suckered into collecting this line. I know I did. Actually, just blame Bruce Timm. Had Timm not made the DC Universe cool again and changed the landscape of what it meant to be a comic book cartoon, we wouldn’t be buying these little cruddy figures.

Flash, Amazo and Robotman show off some of their many poses.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 5
Accessories – Inflated Price Tag
Value – 4
Overall – 6 out of 10

I always start my JLU figure reviews out by thinking how much I love these figures but then after having them fall over a dozen times while taking pictures, remembering what I paid for them and comparing them with the other crap I buy… Well, I end up hating myself a little. For a JLU figure, Robotman is really quite cool. That’s JLU collector lingo for, don’t collect this line unless you’re a toy collecting masochist.

5 Responses to JLU Robotman Review

  • JLU Rocks! says:

    My Robotman, along with all of the other figures (except 2 of the LOSH) stand really well. Robotman though really stands out. I think maybe you just got a bad one because I don't have the different leg lengths problem with him.

  • I suppose I could have just gotten a "bad one" but since he's doing the lean to the left thing that a bunch of my other JLU figures do, I'm inclined to believe it's the mold. Robotman can stand, but he doesn't do it very well.

    That's okay, as you can see, he's got some ladies to lean on.

  • JLU ROCKS! says:

    Well what I meant by bad one is that my figures don't suffer from the leg problems nearly as much as the retail figures do.

  • wiber says:

    Late review, he was sold 4 months ago!

  • Late? I review toys. There is no schedule here. I've reviewed stuff that came out in 1980 something here. Considering like 4 other people have ever reviewed these guys, I think it's fine.

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