Some good news and bad news on the Mattel front. I guess we’ll start with the bad. Mattel has somehow managed to screw the pooch with the JLU line, yet again, removing the Justice League Unlimited figures from online retailers like BigBadToyStore just weeks after they had first appeared. BBTS, never one to mince words said this as they sent out emails cancelling the thousands of preorders they had.

Hi – We have just learned from Mattel that although these items were recently solicited to us, that they will now (again) be a certain chain’s exclusives, and that our orders will not be filled. We are very sorry for the problem on this item. We will need to cancel all orders in our system and remove the item from our site. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This is a huge letdown to many JLU fans, myself included and might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Being able to order JLU at places like BBTS relieves a lot of the stress and thanks to stuff like the pile of loot, makes it easier to ship. Just two days ago ToyGuru spoke on how JLU was going to be available online saying:

No, the JLU singles are a retail exclusive which will be shared by Target and some online retailers, but they will not be sold on


So what happened? I don’t know. Many fans are blaming Target, but that seems a bit unfair. Perhaps people are tired of blaming Mattel, but again fault lay squarely in their lap. Mattel should have never sent out solicitations for JLU to online stores if they weren’t allowed to. This is not the first time this has happened. They changed DCUC lineups to online retailers before. Target can’t take the blame, Mattel has to. For what it’s worth, Entertainment Earth still has them up for preorder, but I’d expect that to come down.

In slightly more positive Mattel news, I finally saw the new SDCC DCUC Plasticman packaging. Yeah, it was revealed a month ago, but I just now saw it. I don’t really keep up with DC Universe Classics as much since I quit collecting it.

The package is actually designed to look like Plasticman shapeshifted into the package. VERY COOL! Mattel is infamous for making cool San Diego Comicon packaging and this is no exception. Might even be enough to get me to buy one of these.

Unfortunately, it seems they didn’t learn from Gleekpocalypse last year as the bonus SDCC accessories are simply in a plastic bag again. So expect many people to leave with five or six baggies full of accessories and buying only one or less of the actual product. Maybe they’ll have better control of it, but I’d expect to hear more horror stories.

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