4 Responses to Jesse Ventura Action Figure Parody Commercial

  • oansun says:

    "I've worked with controlled demolition, in the SEALS I was a demolition expert, and the 911 WAS controlled demolition."
    When is the pre-order going up for this? It's amazing. I NEVER knew that about Adrian Adonis! This doll tells it like it is!
    Does it live in Mexico tax-free as well?

  • Yes, lots of secrets will be revealed when this figure is released. However you have to preorder it in Area 51.

  • plannedbanter says:

    "Paul Avery was the Zodiac all along!"
    "Everyone has it wrong! Howard Carter wasn't killed by a mummy's curse… but by an extraterrestrial virus!"
    "Napoleon still walks the Earth as a Highlander!"

    The action figure world needs a Jesse Ventura figure to investigate all the funny business at Mattel

  • I had to resist not doing hundreds of these. The commercial already went on too long with the ones I had. But wacky things kept popping into my head.

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