First he met Batman and now he’s meeting Dick Tracy, albeit under quite different circumstances. Jerry “The King” Lawler is a legendary star of pro wrestling, but is also a huge comic fan (and artist) so I’m sure that’s part of the reason he’s now appearing in the Dick Tracy comic strips.

Tracy is seeking some help from Lawler on a new case involving the former villain turned good guy, the Mole! Will Lawler lace up the boots (or pull off the strap?) to help Tracy bust some heads? I guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out. Lawler made his first appearance in the strip today… Here’s a few panels to give you an idea of the story so far!

The art on Lawler isn’t amazing, to be honest. There is something that definitely says “Lawler” but if I didn’t know it was supposed to be the King, I’m not sure I would have known. Lawler isn’t the first celebrity to appear in the panels of a comic book, but he is the King of Dick Tracy for now.

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  • Clutch says:

    So the Mole has reformed, eh? All I remember him from is the 1990 Dick Tracy toy line, but I've read that a few of Tracy's old Rogues have gone straight over the years. The strip has taken on a more realistic approach over the previous year, with more pop culture elements being thrown in such as Jerry here and the world of wrestling being mentioned. Funny how Dick never seems to age much through it all, but at least his chin is still the same.

  • Bill White says:

    Sorry Newton, but any complaints about Joe Staton's art CANNOT be tolerated. He is a fantastic cartoonist. Were I a betting man, I'd bet that Jerry had final approval on his image, and chose to "idealize" it.

    If anyone reading this post has any interest in seeing what an incredible cartoonist Joe Staton is, check out his work on E-Man.

  • Actually apparently the Mole reformed decades ago, or so I'm told. You're thinking of the Rodent, who looks similar. Also my favorite character in the old Tracy toy line. There seems to be a lot of rat faced guys in Tracy's world.

    Somebody there could make a killing as a plastic surgeon!

  • Perhaps. Like I said, there are some elements that do seem very much like Lawler, but I still don't think I would have known it was supposed to be Lawler if I hadn't been told. The coat isn't helping and he's going for a very realistic nowdays Lawler, which is fine I guess, but not what I'd expect in a comic. I think it's the hair color that's the main issue. Lawler's hair color should be closer to Dick's…

    Of course to that end, I'm not a huge fan of the way Staton is drawing Tracy's hair either. Though maybe that wasn't a choice on his part. I don't know. It looks a little off in a few panels though.

    Not that I have any right to criticize anyone's artwork, I can't draw for squat, but I have to have something to talk about lol.

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