Back when I was growing up, TNT’s Monstervision Godzilla and Giant Japanese Monster marathons were the stuff of legends. Seems like one summer they must have had a Godzilla weekend every other month. It was good times, good times indeed. Especially because this was just before Godzilla and other Kaiju movies were readily available, which meant these TBS and TNT versions were as good as it got. Sadly once AOL/Time Warner fully took control of Turner’s stuff it all went in the toilet. Godzilla and wrasslin’ weren’t deemed good enough for the execs even if they got high ratings. But to celebrate those old days when Giant Japanese Monsters ruled the world, it’s time for JAPANESE MONSTER WEEK!

All next week we’re going to be looking at Godzilla and all his friends including Gamera, Gigan and many more! I’ll have toy reviews, movie news, toy news and all the Kaiju you can handle. Giant mutants hammer Tokyo all week long! It’s a seven day bash guaranteed to bring down the house!

To prepare for the big Japanese Monster Week, I did a little homage to my favorite TNT Monstervision Godzilla video. Check it out!


3 Responses to Japanese Monster Week Nov 15-21

  • Poe Ghostal says:

    I am PSYCHED.

    Personally, I always loved this rarely-seen prologue to “Terror of Mechagodzilla” (which I saw as a kid several times).

    As for me, in my day we had Boston’s WLVI 56 and “Creature Double Feature”–back-to-back giant monster movies every Saturday afternoon. Definitely some of my favorite childhood memories.

  • My brother and I had two different VHS copies of Mecha Godzilla (Not Terror of) and there was about 15 minutes different in each one. I had played my tape to death and one day we’re watching his and I’m like…”Dude, I’ve never seen this scene before, WTF?”

    Old monster movies were cool like that.

  • Poe Ghostal says:

    Yup. I didn’t get to see the rubber boobies in “Terror of Mechagodzilla” until I got a Japanese bootleg a few years ago.

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