Japanese Monster Week Raids Again! In honor of our second annual Japanese Monster Week, we’re having a Kaiju-sized giveaway! Not one, but TWO brand new Godzilla DVDs will be given away during the week. We’re going to give away DVDs to two names at random, and every entrant is eligible for both films! Two seperate people could win DVDs or one could win both DVDs!

How do you win the DVDs? Simply reply to any post during the week with a comment and you’ll be entered to win.

All posts must be legit, so no random spam as an entrant.


– All contest applicants must leave an email address in their post, OR read this website on the date the winner is announced. No claiming prizes you didn’t win. Any unclaimed prizes will be fed to the Sarlacc.
– Prizes will be shipped free of charge to the continental 48 United States. All other countries must pay shipping themselves… Because we’re cheap.
– Void where prohibited, sorry no CODs.

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