Congratulations goes out to our two big winners of the Japanese Monster Week giveaway, Mecha-Shiva and CompyRex! Both men had quite a few comments and were nice enough to play along. If you didn’t win, don’t worry I have a super huge Christmas giveaway planned in December.

Once again, Congrats to the man who’s a mix of Compsognathus and Tyrannosaurus Rex as well congrats to the Hank and Dean Venture parody of the supreme God in Shaivism. It’s CompyRex and Mecha-Shiva! They know need to contact me within 10 days to collect their DVD at Winner Redemption with their mailing information and claim their Kaiju prize. Let’s hope these two boys get together and have a Godzilla versus Mecha-Godzilla marathon!

These prizes come from the generosity of my own small wallet, but if you’re looking to sponsor a prize giveaway then you can contact us at Prize Sponsors, and help pop culture and toy lovers everywhere have some fun.

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