Over 4 million people downloaded or streamed the new trailer of James Cameron’s new Avatar movie this past weekend. Some people are saying it’s going to be the future of movies. Everyone says it’s amazing… What do I think?

Honestly, it looks mildly interesting. However the special effects look like cartoons in many of the shots. CGI has come a long way and this is supposed to be like the best CGI? Then why do some of the scenes look more like cartoons than The Phantom Menace?

I think CGI needs to be more properly implemented. So far I think only Guillermo del Toro truly understands how to use CGI melded with traditional suitimation, but maybe Cameron will prove me wrong. What do you say?

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  • drnightmare says:

    I think not knowing what the hell Avatar is based on will help me enjoy the film a little more.

    Was this being touted as “the ultimate in CGI” or something? Yeah it looks cartoony, but I don’t mind it.

  • Well I keep hearing how it’s the future of film making and such. I think the movie might actually be good, but the CGI didn’t blow me away. Of course it might look better on the big screen, but still. I don’t know what the scuttlebutt was about. Most downloaded trailer of all time? Seems a bit craszy.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m late to the party, I’m just watching it now in HD, but not 3D.

    Here’s how it is… I was expected a live-action film, but yes, what we got was an animated feature. It was actually the opposite of Lord of the Rings in that Gollum was believable partly because he was surrounded by reality. In Avatar, every time I saw a human being I was taken out of the story. It’s like a live-action human being walking down the street in a Pixar film. You’re suddenly aware that you are watching something.

    If it had been all CG it might have been better, but then the Uncanny Valley effect would have kicked in on the humans… possibly. The facial animation of the Na’vi is certainly awesome and a breakthrough, but I think that’s partially because we see them as being animated.

    It’s gorgeous, from an animated feature standpoint, technologically awesome as well, story, meh, but it’s really not what I expected. Or maybe it was everything I expected… disappointing.

    But seriously, how did this movie make so much money? Was it just the hype?

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