Yesterday we took a look at Sean Connery as James Bond, and despite my best efforts to make a case for him in the courts of people’s opinion apparently, he’s still not liked. Not that I care if people agree with the reviews or not, but I think he’s a decent $10 figure. But some people don’t understand that a Picaso and a coloring book can both be good, in their own right and don’t have to be directly compared to one another.

Since we took a look at Connery yesterday, I figured it only right to take a look at Roger Moore today. Moore is perhaps even more famous than Connery for playing Bond and generally when it comes to Bond fans you are either a Moore fan or a Connery fan. Both men have played James Bond in seven films, making them tied in total number. Although Connery’s last Bond film wasn’t an official EON Films production, which has led to some folks to discount it.

Personally I prefer Connery’s Bond, but when it comes to their action figure counterparts, I’m almost leaning more towards Roger Moore here. This figure is currently the rarest of the Bond toys from this line, with a hefty asking price of Over $300 on Amazon, which I can tell you now he’s not worth. But for the $10 I paid for him? Well that’s another story altogether.

Much like the previous figure of Bond that was based off of the Goldfinger feature film, this is based off of one of Roger Moore’s biggest hits, The Spy Who Loved Me. This is the film that most famously introduced Jaws. As a package this one looks a bit more modern than the Goldfinger package, but follows the same formula to a slightly less exciting final product.

The front is still adorn with various movie pictures as well as some poster artwork. This definitely feels more like a toy package than the other and the bright mixture of colors really pays homage to the posters of the film from that era.

The back runs down the plot, it explains some of the stuff about the actors and the characters and once again shows off some highlight stills. It doesn’t do quite as well of a job explaining the plot through the photos as the other Goldfinger package did, but it’s still a nice package and would be best suited for collectors.

Mego folks really should be these toys target audience, but as I said last time, Mego collectors apparently dislike these guys. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get my head around that, but maybe there really isn’t a logic involved. People like what they like and that’s really all there is to it.

This really looks like Roger Moore to me. I think the face sculpt is much stronger than the sculpt of Sean Connery. This is definitely James Bond. It’s a real travesty that this figure is only available in his “skiing” outfit from the film. There’s a famous scene in the movie where Bond drops out of plane on skis via parachute. That’s what this figure is recreating.

The ski outfit is pretty faithfully reproduced from the screen, but it’s probably not super accurate if you get down to the gritty details. There’s something about the yellow jumpsuit and head sculpt that screams Six Million Dollar Man to me. Even though Steve Austin wore red, I get the same vibe from this figure.

The parachute is really well done and although I haven’t tried to use it, I would venture a guess that it would actually work to some degree. I’ve never been one to use these sorts of things, but it looks cool. The figure is a bit too rare for me to go throw him off the roof.

As I said with the previous figure, it’s really the head sculpt that’s the sell here and I think this one is quite good. It’s certainly better than anything Mego ever put out in terms of head sculpts and since it’s a similar market, I think that pretty much says all it should. I do wonder if these head sculpts would work on a Lion Rock style body.

Scale wise, he’s still a bit of a misfit as he’s too small for Megos and too big for pretty much anything else.

I fully expected this figure to have the exact same body as Sean Connery’s James Bond, but much to my surprise he does not. The body is slightly different with different arms. Connery’s Bond had a watch on his right hand, but Moore’s does not.

The articulation as I said yesterday is pretty weak by today’s standards, but not bad at all by 1997 standards. Of course the great Roger Moore deserves more respect than me pulling down his pantsuit, but what are you going to do? Someone had to get naked for one of these reviews.

The butt shot however, is totally unnecessary.

James Bond gets more accessories than anyone else in the series. For starters he has the parachute and backpack to fit it in. This is a really nice cloth product. It’s not lost on me. Although I would have loved some skis or something too.

He also gets a black version of his Walther pistol, which still looks off to me, as well as a stand similar to the one that came with Connery Bond. However the stand does have a different decal on it, reflecting the movie on which the figure is based.

I think this guy is definitely worth the $10 I paid for him. If you’re a hardcore Roger Moore or Bond fan, I think you could pay up to $20, but definitely no more than that. I wish he was a more general figure instead of being so scene specific. The orange boots and black gloves definitely take away from his overall use.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Walther Pistol, Stand, Parachute, Backpack
Value – 7
Overall – 8 out of 10

The Bonds are some of my favorites from this series. The Roger Moore Bond is one of the nicest sculpts in the line, but he’s not the best. The best is yet to come! Check back in for more over the next six days and please feel free to leave a comment. Who’s the best Bond?

4 Responses to James Bond (Roger Moore) Figure Review

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    I remember almost picking this figure up except for his outfit. I wanted the tuxedo look or the black commando gear Bond wore in Live and Let Die. $300 bucks is just insane, though. The Sideshow Moore figures are ten times better and cost way less.

  • davy says:

    "But some people don't understand that a Picaso and a coloring book can both be good, in their own right and don't have to be directly compared to one another" this is so true! I said pretty much the same thing with people who didn't like the new Star Trek because it wasn't as "smart" as previous trek films. And I actually really like these figures, and because of your review (great review btw) yesterday I did a search on Ebay for some of the figures. And there's a cool looking "Tomorrow Never Dies" James Bond figure that they did that I might bid on.

  • anakin smith says:

    i have the figure that is having his parts kicked by the bond figure,would you please tell me who this figure is? thanks,and greetings from southamerica

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