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This announcement has kind of flown under the radar for most sites, but I think it might just be the biggest news around. For decades fans have lamented the lack of great Nintendo figures. Sure, in the past few years we’ve gotten some decent soft vinyl toys and a few different things here or there, but not since ToyBiz did Mario Kart have we seen detailed, highly poseable action figures of Mario and his pals. Jakks Pacific, who are perhaps most known for their wrestling and UFC lines, have snagged the license.

They didn’t just snag Mario, but apparently all of the Nintendo properties. And while a lot of folks are already slamming this pickup by Jakks and saying they’ll just reuse some old wrestler bodies on the toys, let’s not dismiss Jakks as a company that can’t innovate. Hell, they practically created the wrestling figure genre as we know it. In recent years they have rested on the laurels a bit, but when Jakks puts in an effort, they typically deliver. I suspect they’ll put in their best effort with Nintendo.

Jakks has had the Pokemon license for quite some time and while that’s certainly not my bag, they have done some pretty nice work there. Plus a lot of their TNA stuff is still quite good, even if they don’t always put in a full effort. Nintendo could just be the line that makes Jakks a major player in the industry again. I sincerely hope that Jakks really gets creative and uses the Nintendo license to the maximum.

MALIBU, Calif., Feb 25, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Leading U.S. toymaker JAKKS Pacific, Inc., JAKK announced today that it has been granted rights in major toy categories by Nintendo of America Inc. to manufacture, market and distribute a line of toys and related consumer products based on a robust library of iconic Nintendo characters that generations have come to love. In addition, JAKKS’ Halloween costume division, Disguise Inc., has been given rights to offer Halloween costumes and accessories based on these Nintendo properties. With this licensing agreement, fans of all ages will be able to engage with their favorite Nintendo video game characters, from Mario and Luigi(R), to Donkey Kong(R) and Princess Peach(TM), to Game Link(R) and Zelda(R).

“Nintendo is a classic brand rich in content that appeals to today’s kids, parents and collectors alike and we are excited to partner together to bring their video game heritage to life in the toy aisle,” said Jack McGrath, COO, JAKKS Pacific, Inc. “We are looking forward to expanding our top-tier roster of properties through this comprehensive licensing deal, which covers a wide array of category rights for almost all Nintendo properties, and for nearly all worldwide territories.”

“We are eager to offer, a robust and comprehensive line up of products to satisfy our fan base and generations of Nintendo enthusiasts,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Vice President, Licensing. “This partnership with JAKKS Pacific affords us tremendous opportunity to grow the presence of our iconic brands at retail.”

The licensing agreement allows JAKKS Pacific to manufacture, distribute and market toys, games, playthings, novelties, plush, key chains, and costumes worldwide (excluding Japan and Korea). JAKKS Pacific is expected to launch this new product line at retailers nationwide in Spring 2014. Disguise plans to launch Halloween costumes and accessories for the 2013 Halloween season.

9 Responses to Jakks Pacific to make Nintendo Figures

  • Zach S. says:

    Punch Out! Make it so.

  • Mario says:

    Fugayzie’s Punch Out customs are SO damned spectacular, that I wonder if Jakks could even top them.

    The news is bittersweet to me… I’m happy that there’ll be Nintendo figures, but I’m a bit sad that it’s Jakks who’ll be producing them. I’m just not a fan of their work.

  • MST3KFan says:

    Doesn’t Jakks still make those Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat toys? Also Adventure Time and Hanna-Barbera?

    I question the quality control Nintendo stuff will have seeing some of those toys (and having bought a few Sonic and Mortal Kombat figures in the past) Of course the paint jobs can’t be much worse than the Mario figurines I’ve seen at TRU by the company that is putting out that stuff right now…

    Anyone see that K’Nex has branched out with their Mario license to include New Super Mario Bros. Wii stuff now? I got a bling bag Princess Peach and Ice Luigi from them recently. Just need a Fire Mario,

    • Newton says:

      I did see the recent K’Nex stuff. I really do like that stuff, although my figures suffered from some quality control issues.

      Anywho, that’s Jazwares who makes the Sonic and AT stuff. They’re a different company. Jakks has better quality.

  • Terminustyper says:

    Now this is pretty cool news. Hopefully whatever they make will be decent enough size to be set alongside D-arts Mewtwo and Charizard for a Super Smash Bros display. Or at the very least, a Ghirahim that can look decent next the Link figma. Oh how I’d buy that in a heartbeat. I just hope they’re nicer than the Pokemon figures they’ve made. I’ve picked up several of those and while they aren’t bad they never really seemed to great either. …Not that I’d care how nice they are if I could just get that darned Ghirahim…

  • Monte says:

    Just give me a nicely sculpted, well-articulated Mario for photos. Anything else is gravy.

  • A cottone says:

    Very disappointed have purchased figures and arm on donkey kong is off and unable to reconnect. Also purchased drivers in their cars one was broken within 1 hour very disappointed they were not cheap!

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