Captain Action Italian 1
Captain Action
Capitano in Azione (SDCC Variant)
12 Inch scale
By: Round 2
$120 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

As we continue our look at 25 days of Captain Action, we wander into the absurd. This variant appeared at this year’s SDCC as a special attraction figure. The figure itself is essentially a kitbash of existing Captain Action stuff. When the original Captain Action figure was released in Italy during the 1960’s, the first run was wearing Captain America’s outfit.

Captain Action Italian 9

There’s some debate on exactly why that is, but it’s an interesting footnote in Captain Action history. Eventually Baravelli, the company that produced the Italian version of the figure, got it right, but not before quite a few of these Captain America styled Captain Actions made it to market. Interestingly enough, at the time Captain America wasn’t well known in Italy, so kids over there were none the wiser when this version of Captain Action showed up.

Captain Action Italian 11

To amp things up, the modern Captain Action crew decided to give their remake of this classic goof-up a special weapon. Given that this was the Captain in Italy, they gave him an Italian Beretta. It’s a nice little touch. But does that make this figure worth so much money? Let’s take a closer look.

Captain Italian

The figure comes in an exclusive box which is essentially a remake of the classic Baravelli package. It’s not entirely the same though, since it points out the Baretta and says “Exclusive Italian Edition” on it. It’s nice that it’s not an identical replica.

Captain Azione Box 1

The artwork is nice, but this box isn’t worth an inflated price tag.

Captain Action Italian 2

The figure is the exact same as the Basic Captain Action, but he’s wearing the Captain America outfit. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. There’s nothing here to separate it from the regular version. Since the sleeves on the Captain America outfit run a bit short, it looks kind of strange… But neat at the same time.

Captain Action Italian 7

The Captain Action head sculpt is nice, but it would have been more interesting if it was painted differently. I realize that the vintage Capitano in Azione didn’t differ from the basic vintage figure either, but something here should make this figure stand out. Maybe give him a different color hair or something. You know, to make it seem different.

Captain Action Italian 8

The only real difference is the Beretta. The pistol is nicely sculpted and is a small scale replica of the 1935 model. It has a brown handle.

Captain Action Italian 5

Again, everything else is the exact same. No new boots, no spiffy new belt… Nothing. This would have been a good time to do a blue belt, I think. Or one in Italian flag colors. Put a little green in there somewhere.

The articulation is the same as the other Captain Actions… Because it’s the same figure.

Captain Action Italian 6

It’s nice, but has a tendency to get loose.

Captain Action Italian 3


Captain Action Italian 4

Unfortunately you don’t get all the accessories of the basic figure. While you do get the Beretta, you don’t get the communication device. It would seem that you don’t even get the holsters for the gun and sword. For a figure that costs at least 3X what the basic figure does, you’d think there would be more here.

Captain Action Italian 10

Again, the Beretta is nice, but it’s not worth an additional $90! This was a cash grab, nothing more, nothing less. This figure is a kitbash and not even an elaborate one. You can put this figure together yourself by purchasing the basic Captain America and a Captain Action figure. That would be around $60 and you’d get a bunch more stuff. The only thing you’d be missing is the Beretta and box. This is a figure for insane completists only.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Paint – 7
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Beretta Pistol, Lightning Sword, Hat, Gun
Value – 4
Overall: 6

Captain Action Italian 12

Confession time. I didn’t really buy the $100+ figure. I made my own. Could you tell the difference? No? That’s because there wasn’t one. I applaud the Captain Action crew for wanting to put out something special for SDCC, but essentially you’re paying for $1 gun and a repro box. There’s just nothing here. While I like the concept of the Italian alternate outfit, they really overcharged on this. If you’re even remotely thinking about buying one of these, look into making you own and save yourself some cash.

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