Iron Man 3 Armors

Micro Muggs
Iron Man 3 Series
2 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

This week Iron Man 3 finally comes to theaters. It should be an exciting time for film and comic fans, but something is missing… decent Iron Man 3 toys. The 4” movie figures are barely articulated, overloaded with gimmicks, and lack the sculpt and paint detail we have come to expect. The 6” Marvel Legends based on the Iron Man Mark 42 and Iron Patriot armors are not in stores yet, and neither are the Marvel Select figures. Villainous characters like the Mandarin don’t even seem to be a possibility at this point. We are left with Minimates as the best option, offering the largest selection of characters from the movie. And for anyone who likes designer-style toys or a cheap way to get a fun little Iron Man, there are Micro Muggs.

There are 24 Muggs total coming out, in two waves of 12. The box shows all of the designs on two panels, although the second set of twelve does not seem to have been released yet. Overall, 19 are different variations of Iron Man (or at least Tony Stark), three are villains (Iron Monger, Whiplash, and a Hammer Drone), and one each of War Machine and Iron Patriot. Today I will offer a look at eight different designs that I picked up at random, and we will see how they measure up.

Each Micro Mugg comes packed in a neat little box with clean artwork, and graphics depicting the two series of figurines that will be available.


Each figure shares the exact same undetailed sculpt. The basic shape matches the larger Mighty Muggs that Hasbro started off with years ago, before shifting to Mini Muggs and now these 1.5 inch tall Micro Muggs. The back of the heads are smaller than the fronts, which creates a ridge that makes it look more like someone wearing a mask. Interestingly, the back of the heads also has “Iron Man” embossed on it, so these sculpts cannot be recycled if Hasbro wants to make Micro Muggs for another property. They are each a solid unarticulated piece, attached to an oval base, so there is no posing.

Hasbro Iron Man 3

This is where the figures really get to shine, because the various color schemes are the only way to differentiate between the different armors. Across the board, all of the paint has been tampographed on perfectly, giving the Muggs a very clean and sharp deco.

Iron Man Mighty Muggs
First up is the Mark 42 and space armor. The Mark 42 is the mostly gold armor that is visible in the vast majority of marketing materials for the movie, and I think it is safe to say Tony will spend the largest amount of time in this one. It looks especially sharp in Mugg form, and just might be my favorite of the bunch. The space armor is called the suborbital or starboost armor on some merchandise I’ve seen. The mostly white color scheme makes it stand out quite a bit from the other armors. It is interesting that the facial paint is a bright yellow instead of gold, for some reason.

Next we have a much brighter red Iron Man, with the face mask is up, revealing an adorably angry Lil’ Tony Stark face. I’m not exactly sure if this is supposed to represent a comic or movie armor, or is just a generic design. Also we have what has been nicknamed the heartbreaker armor, which seems to have an extra special souped-up arc reactor.

Not sure about the next two… the gold and silver armor is probably the suitcase armor from Iron Man 2. The other is a bit more mysterious, I do not recognize it from the comics or movie trailers. It is this dark burgundy, almost purple color, and has a strange three pronged arc reactor.

Iron Man
Finally, two blue armors. The first is based on concept art for a deep sea armor, which had a figure in the Iron Man 2 toyline and might be in the new  movie. The other is a blue version of the classic comic Iron Man armor, which makes it the stealth version. The paint is a bit more cartoony than the others, which is saying something for these already cartoony figures.

Each blind boxed figure will set you back $2.99, which is not great for a small inarticulate lump of plastic. After all, there is no expensive individual sculpting between figures. But then again, that’s the price of toys these days, and the typical designer blind box toy is more expensive. Perhaps the most important factor on the value is the fact that as a blind boxed toy, you might have to purchase a few to get an armor you are interested in.

Overall, these are some fun little stylized figures that are an inexpensive way to bring Iron Man home. They don’t fill the gap left by the lack of a good action figure line, but that is a separate issue. I would really like to see Hasbro expand Micro Muggs beyond Iron Man and Marvel, and create some series based on other properties. I’d love to collect some Star Wars Micro Muggs, or maybe some GI Joe and Transformers characters. Hopefully these little figures sell well enough so that many flavors of Mugg will be released.

Iron Man Armor Micro Muggs

Wait a minute… didn’t I mention a giveaway? I ended up with eight different Muggs, but I have nine total because one was a repeat. The first person to leave a comment guessing which armor I have a double of will get that figure mailed to them.

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