One of the things I didn’t touch on yesterday is Hasbro’s new Iron Man 2 licensed figures. Not only was Iron Man the kick in the pants that comic book movies needed, but Hasbro’s first Iron Man movie figures were quite good. I didn’t LOVE them, but I did end up with several Iron Mongers and they were some of the first figures I highlighted on this website.

However, Hasbro’s Iron Man 2 line is undoubtedly going to be a new line I collect and could possibly become the line to beat in the year ahead. Hasbro will be producing a ton of product, but it’s mostly the 3.75 range stuff that has me practically giddy. I know I’m not alone as the industry’s top insiders all seem buzzed over the Iron Man stuff. There hasn’t been this much Iron Man at retail since the mid 1990’s ToyBiz Iron Man line and Hasbro looks to vasty surpass that.

Similar to the Wolverine Origins figures, Iron Man 2 will have one uniform line that will include Movie, Concept and Comic figures. That’s a whole lot of armors. There also will be a lot of armored villains, though we haven’t seen much in the way of unarmored bad guys. Just some of the lineup includes:

Stealth Armor Iron Man
Titanium Man
Hulkbuster Iron Man
Classic Iron Monger
Artic Iron Man
Modern Iron Man
Silver Centurion Iron Man
War Machine
Crimson Dynamo

There’s also some 6 inch figures coming as Walmart exclusives. K-Mart is also getting some 3.75 exclusives. As you can see from the picture above, the sculpting and detail is really out of this world on these toys. Although that’s the 6 inch Iron Man with Downey above, the 3.75 stuff looks just as good. Anyone else expecting to unload a lot of cash this year on the Iron Man products from Hasbro?

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  • clark says:

    I'll say that what I love about the IM2 toys right now is the $6.99 price. Much better than $8.44, which is what I see XMO and MU selling for. I have yet to pick any up, but mostly because I want to test the waters with one figure and haven't decided which one I want the most.

  • Lt_Clutch says:

    I'm gonna be over the comic figures like white on rice. Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, and Guardsman (I remember when he was a specific character instead of the generic guys guarding the Vault) are my main priorities along with the classic red & gold and stealth armors. This line will rock for sure!

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