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Way back in August of last year, I told you guys about Warlords and Warriors. Back then, very few details were known, but I knew the toy line had a ton of potential. Since then, lots of news has come about and plenty of pretenders have jumped on the bandwagon, but we here at Infinite Hollywood continue to innovate, not imitate. So earlier this week I spoke with Mike Zolotorow the guy behind Zoloworld.com’s new Warlords and Warriors line.

I want to thank Mike for taking the time to answer my questions and to explain a lot more about the line in this Infinite Hollywood exclusive!

Infinite Hollywood, Warlords and Warriors, Retro Zoloworld Bodies

1.) Can you tell us how you got involved with crafting the Warlords and Warriors line in general? Was this an idea you’ve always had or did something spark your interest?

WARLORDS AND WARRIORS are a joint collaboration between ZOLOWORLD and RO3CO (design and creation). The character designs, colors, story and art are directed by the said design company. This project was three years in the making, as I had a vision to create a retro styled series in 2009. Growing up, these were my favorite style of action figures I.E. simple articulation, barbarians and skeletons. In mid year 2010, I talked to a fellow collector that I had met in passing about my idea to bring back the 80’s style action figure body as well as traded off ideas. As fate has it, he later became my partner on the project as the designer of the series (RO3CO).

2.) Nostalgia based lines have become very popular in recent years, but many brands have sought to “recreate the wheel” and make toys that are more based on vintage lines and not so much a recreation of a vintage line. Obviously with Warlords and Warriors, you guys are making an entirely new line, but it’s done in the classic styling. Why have you went with this sort of style as opposed to trying to do what other companies have done? What makes the retro feel such a good fit?

Our goal is to appeal to vintage and modern action figure collectors alike. The use of a retro styled barbarian and skeleton was something that we wanted to re-create and evolve while being able to display them seamlessly into our vintage collections (for those who have 80’s style toys).

Warlords and Warriors at Infinite Hollywood.com

3.) One of the biggest independent toy successes is the Glyos system. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it, but part of it’s success has come from the interchangeable parts and the ability to create new characters from the items bought. It seems that Warlords and Warriors has a similar concept in nature, can you tell us some of the thought behind adding interchangeable elements to this line?

Without going into any detail with future developments, interchangeability of parts will be something that you will see much more of as the line progresses.

4.) On that note, can we expect Warlords and Warriors expansion packs that might be say, heads, arms, weapons or other upgrades, that may not necessarily be a figure?

Again, without going into any future details, interchangeability of parts will allow for many possibilities.

Infinite Hollywood, Warlords and Warriors, Retro Zoloworld Bodies

5.) You’ve said that Warlords and Warriors has an entire storyline and mythos being worked on to go along with the figures. How important is that to your concept?

The Mythology is the driving force to where the characters go and how they develop. This is a critical element that will determine the product in figure form. The colors you see on the revealed characters is directly tied to the storyline. In plain words, if you see a specific deco on a figure, there will be a correlation to the mythology of that character.

6.) Obviously there’s a big influence from many of the lines from Remco and other smaller toy producers from the 70’s and 80’s. What line would you say had the most to give in terms of inspiration to Warlords and Warriors?

There are many to mention. Lets just say all of them so I don’t miss any! 🙂

Warlords and Warriors, Infinite Hollywood.com

7.) Some of your toughest competitors in the genre will be offering toys that have more articulation and famous designers. What would you say to someone who is on the fence about Warlords and Warriors in comparison to some of those other lines? What makes Warlords and Warriors a worthy investment versus more modern designed figures?

WARLORDS AND WARRIORS figures are going to be produced in LIMITED waves. Once a character is seen, it will not be reproduced in the same outfits or decos. Everybody behind the creation of this line are collectors and this is something we take very seriously. When we say limited, we are not saying 10,000 of each character. “When they are gone, they are gone!”

8.) Warlords and Warriors is supposed to come in at a price that’s around $30 or under. How important is getting a price point that everybody can get in on?

Because these figures are made in LIMITED waves and will be coming with many accessories including fur like material, our costs will be higher to produce them. The under $30.00 price point directly reflects that factor. We should get finalized pricing soon.

Warlords and Warriors, Dron

9.) It seems like every day we hear about some great new Kickstarter concept for toys. This is not the only line that’s sort of “homebred” on the market, but thus far few if any of these other brands have actually managed to produce toys. Often it seems like there are a lot of great ideas and projects out there, but how much of a struggle has it been to get Warlords and Warriors from just a concept to actual tangible product?

Please remember that is a factory produced action figure line with a concept and design team as well as world class artists. As with every project by any action figure company, this is not an over night process. To be where we are at now is extremely exciting.

10.) Is this a line you could see expanding to the point where you’re taking on multiple online retailers and shipping Warlords and Warriors to tons of outlets other than just the official website, or is the plan to keep this sort of a club? With the website integration, is there plans to allow fans to get special incentives for buying the products, secret drops, membership exclusives, etc?

The WARLORDS AND WARRIORS will be available to select comic / toy shops and E-Tailers as well as the website. The figures will be available WORLDWIDE. As far as purchasing website direct, we will be having some exclusive items as well as other special incentives that will make the website a central location to visit and check out. If you haven’t already, be sure to register to the website (www.warlordsandwarriors.com) to get the inside scoop on pre-ordering these figures when they become available!

11.) What sort of packaging can we expect from the Warlords and Warriors line?

That reveal is coming very soon! You will not want to miss it!

12.) Is there a “star” in the Warlords and Warriors line? Like a main character? If so, who?

This is truly a question for the design team (RO3CO). The main character or “star” is KYGAAR as seen in the reveals.

13.) Okay I gotta know… Wizards… Will there be wizards?!

Without going into any details, YES!

Ant Beast, Warlords and Warriors, Zoloworld

14.) We’ve seen a few “vehicle” beasts previewed. Will there be lots of these, or just a few core rides?

I will just say that as the line continues, there are many planned. Just support the line and the possibilities are infinite.

15.) We’ve seen some soft goods. Will these items make it to the final versions of figures and are soft goods going to be apart of the line, as they were so many of those classic lines?

If you are referring to the fur – like vest and boot covers seen on DRON, then the answer is yes.

YES! I love Dron!

Warlords and Warriors, Dron

16.) Will there be any influence from movies and characters that never got toy lines? Such as characters inspired by Krull or something like that? Obviously not direct ripoffs, but homages?

Every toy line is inspired at one point by a movie / cartoons or series of movies / cartoons. My answer is to support the line and watch where it goes. The future concepts and design of this line is incredible!

Infinite Hollywood, Warlords and Warriors, Retro Zoloworld Bodies

17.) As the line grows, will there be potential for fans to create characters that become an official part of the line?

This is something we had talked about that may be a possibility.

18.) There is a lot that has went into the newly designed bodies, to make them more sturdy and at a higher level of collector standard. Can you tell us a bit about what that process has been?

The new ZOLOWORLD retro style action figure bodies feature snap-out limbs and have a strengthened core which separate them from any of their retro ancestors. Our goal is to watch this body evolve encompassing new features. One thing to remember is that this is a new product with a retro feel.

Infinite Hollywood, Warlords and Warriors, Retro Zoloworld Bodies

19.) You guys have been working for over 2 years to get this Warlords and Warriors line started, where would you like to see it in another 3 years?

The line is full of potential, but it is dependent on fans and people that will support it. If you like what you have seen so far, be sure to register with www.warlordsandwarriors.com so you can get in on the action. Pre-orders are coming very soon!

20.) Thanks for chatting with us! Is there any places that people should visit if they want to learn more, other than the official website?

Thanks. In addition, to learn more about the line visit the official facebook
page here: Warlords and Warriors on Facebook.

The official blog can be found here: Warlords and Warriors Blog.

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