I don’t have to tell you how small the internet makes the world, but I am always amazed at how close it brings us all together. This blog gets traffic from all over the world. In places that I didn’t even know existed. My Masters of the Universe articles gained some footing in Italy a while back, but last night I stumbled upon something even cooler.

TYPE−NOR re-format – Which I can best guess translates into a cheap toy and game blog. Basically the Japanese equivelent of us here at Infinite Hollywood. The best I can tell, the author is lamenting on how the GI Joe: Rise of Cobra toys aren’t being distributed very well if at all in his neck of the woods and he wants to get his hands on a classic SNAKE in the reissue.

What makes this site special? Well they linked to one of our stories about the return of the GI Joe SNAKE which I made a while back. Very cool.

So if you speak Japanese check out:

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  • NOR says:

    Hi there. My English is considerably strange. Please forgive it.
    I thank for giving communication.
    I am a fan of the transformers. And I came to be interested in MOTU and G.I.JOE while I examined American actionfigures.
    G.I.JOE A REAL AMERICAN HERO’s animation of 80’s was broadcasted to 2nd.season in Japan, and I liked it very much!
    Unfortunately fun and the coolness of G.I.JOE are not known at all in Japan. Oh my god!!
    Therefore I think that I will convey splendor of G.I.JOE in Japan by introducing new rise of cobra’s toy. Thank you!

  • No problem, I was going to communicate with you through a translator on your website, but just posted in English instead. I figured you might be able to figure it out.

    Sorry to hear that GI Joe doesn’t have much a following over there in Japan, but I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the toys.

    They are very cool. I have a bunch of reviews coming this week. So maybe you can link them and people will be interested!

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