It’s time for an Infinite Toys For Tots update! Great news everybody as we’re now up to 10 donations, which when doubled by me, is 20 donations! Some of the donations have been just a single toy, while some donations have been multiples! Every donation counts, no matter how big or how small… And I must say I’m overjoyed to see so much giving this year.

With your help, lots of children are going to have a better Christmas this year! Santa needs a helping hand every now and again, which is where you guys have stepped up. I promised to keep everyone anonymous, so I’ll stick to that, but I just want to say that we’ve seen some great donations sent in from Star Wars Clone Wars toys to Imaginext to Skelanimals to WWE! There’s just been a ton of good stuff donated this year. I want to personally thank everyone who has donated thus far, because I know we’re making a difference.

I’ve gotten a ton of photos, some receipts and even a video! You guys rock!

The drive will run until the 31st of December and remember we will match your donation, with a donation (we will not be matching in monetary value, simply in a donation). All you need to do is send me email proof that you donated (picture, reciept from the T4T Website, video, etc), then we will double the donation by going out to donate to our local Toys For Tots each time you donate!

For complete Infinite Toys For Tots 2011 Drive rules, visit the official page here: Infinite Toys For Tots 2011.

If you don’t know where a Toys For Tots location is, check their website: Toys For Tots Locations and any Toys R Us or Babies R Us are considered to be “national” drop offs. They remove their Toys For Tots bins on the 18th! So get to TRU as fast as you can as there is only 7 days left for their pickup!

Also WALGREENS has Toys For Tots bins at all their national locations as well. I’m not sure when they will collect their bins, but it’s probably around the same time. As well, you can make a cash donation via the Toys For Tots website.

Thus far we have managed to match every donation sent in… And this weekend I finally got around to taking some photos of us out matching those donations. Here’s some photos from Toys R Us and Walgreens, just to show you that you can donate at both locations.

These are just some of the gifts we’re giving, and proof that it’s not that hard to send in a photo of yourself donating. In the Toys R Us picture, I’m actually donating two sets of Ben 10 Legos and that big brown bag is full of stuffed animals (Winnie the Pooh, Shrek & whatever his lady Shrek is called and a Spider-man!) among other things. There was a creepy guy there watching me and trying to get in my photo, so apologies if I look less than enthusiastic in that one. If you’re donating plushes, I suggest putting them in a bag just so they don’t get damaged/stained etc.

We’re donating all sorts of toys for kids of all ages. Barbies, Hot Wheels, Star Wars, just try to donate something a kid would want. If you don’t know what kids like this year, just think of something you’d want, or go with a classic like Legos or Barbies!

Also a heartfelt thanks to Bill White Cartoons for several shout outs about our little drive, as well as Toys Are Cool, Parry Game Preserve, and any website that has carried our banner for the Infinite Toys For Tots drive this year. If you’d like to give our contest a plug, please do and let us know you did!

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