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Unfortunately I’ve been dragging my feet on updating about Infinite Toys For Tots, but since it’s almost Christmas I figure I had best update. I know a lot of you have been emailing me or sending me messages with donations, but haven’t seen the counter move. I’ve just been very swamped with other stuff to update the counter.

The good news is, I finally got her updated! Even better news is that we’ve reached 25 donations and I’ve matched them to make it a total of 50 donations! Most stores took up their Toys For Tots bins this weekend, so if you’re still looking to donate, make sure to visit their website: Toys For Tots Locations to find out if there’s anywhere around you that you can still donate.

Don’t forget you can do an online donation as well (several people have) and we’ll match you with one in return!


And for the sake of keeping things on the level, here’s a few photos of me out matching some donations. I didn’t take a photo for each one but I wanted to let you guys know that we’ve done some great work this year. I don’t know if we’ll reach our unofficial goal of 30 donations by Christmas, but we’ve come darn close and I must say some of the stuff folks have donated this year has been really great.


We also did our annual Angel Tree donations. I’ve mentioned this each year, but if you don’t know about the Angel Tree program, the basis is that you choose a needy kid (or a family) and buy them gifts. You don’t know anything about the person, other than their age, sex and a few of their wants. This year we upped ourselves to a family of three kids. Personally I like to do the younger kids, but our kids were a bit older this year. Older kids deserve a good Christmas too, though.


The boy was the youngest kid we had. He was 11, I believe. Anyway, he wanted some Legos, so we got him an assortment of different Lego toys. I also got him a Optimus Prime Kre-O set, because that seemed pretty cool. He also got some clothes, along with a new coat. Hopefully he enjoys it all.


We had a 13 year old girl who was interested in art supplies, so we stocked her up on a ton of neat art stuff. Some clothes as well, because you gotta have some clothes for Christmas.


Our oldest was a 16 year old girl. We got her a bunch of baking supplies as she asked for and a neat cupcake maker machine with the gear to use it. Hopefully she can bake her family some tasty treats this holiday season.


Finally, we got them all an assortment of candies and such for their stockings. I feel like that’s an essential part of the Christmas experience. So we always try to do that as well.

There’s no official website for the Angel Tree program (instead there’s lots of different Angel Tree program sites) so I can’t link you to one. I suggest visiting a local church or community center and see if they’re doing one. There are a variety of Angel Tree programs, some focus on kids who have incarcerated parents while others just focus on needy families (which is the one we participate in) but I encourage you to look into it. Every year, providing the best Christmas I can for these kids is one of the most rewarding parts of the season for me.

Thanks again everyone for your Infinite Toys For Tots donations, everyone who contributed is wonderful and I hope you guys continue to give and help out those in need and make it a part of your annual holiday traditions.

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