Huzzah, we finally got a donation. I knew as soon as December started that we’d see some donations roll in. Even though Toys For Tots starts in November at most stores, people don’t really think about it until the month of December. Sadly many locations take up their bins in mid-November or early December. In fact this weekend will see many of the Toys For Tots bins disappear.

The good news is that you still have time to donate! Our buddy Nathan sent in a great photo of his donation, which included some Ninja Turtles, a plush Oviraptor, some Disney Princess stuff and more! This weekend I’m going to head out and match Nathan’s donation with one of my own. That’s what Infinite Toys For Tots is all about. We double your donation by making one of our own each time you donate!

We’re looking for 30 donations this year, which would be a total of 60 donations! Can we do it? We’ll find out in 24 days.

In the meantime, check out the official rules and get your butt out there and donate to Toys For Tots.

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