Wow, I wasn’t sure we were going to make our total this year, but a last minute surge really put us over the line. Our goal this year was 30 donations, but we actually got 31! You guys rock! With your 30 donations and my 30 donation matches, we donated 60 times to Toys for Tots this year! How great is that?

Not only did we donate, you guys really pushed me to donate some great things because you guys donated some INCREDIBLE toys. Like the Imaginext deluxe dinosaur, wicked cool GI Joes, some awesome Hot Wheels and lots of cool Transformers and Godzilla toys. You guys are amazing and you’ve made Infinite Toys for Tots a huge success.

Here’s just a sampling of pictures that some of you guys sent in. I cut everyone’s head off, so nobody would feel embarrassed. Except for Wes out old pal from ScaryCrayon, cause he likes seeing his smiling face all over the internet! We also got lots of people sending in receipts that they made in donations directly to Toys for Tots. Our own Bill White sent in a generous receipt as well! We got great people working for a great goal!

I really appreciate all the donations and it was very tough to keep up with you guys. But I don’t know about you all, but it makes me feel very good that the toy loving community were able to get together and do this. I have high hopes for next year as well! Thanks again everyone!

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