Remember that year when Ernest Saved Christmas? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could save Christmas? Well now you can help save Christmas for many less fortunate boys and girls!

For the past couple of years, Paul of RobotsPajamas and ToyBender has done what he calls “Joes For Tots”, which was a giveaway of prizes for people who contributed Toys For Tots. Unfortunately that isn’t going on this year, so I have decided to offer up a similar “contest” here at Infinite Hollywood. I believe every kid deserves a good Christmas and I think giving is the best part of the season. Nothing makes me feel better during the holiday season than helping out those who are less fortunate. I figure I’m not alone in this. Santa can’t do it all. Even Claus needs a helping hand sometimes.

So how about you? Well, in the essence of the season, I’m holding a contest for giving to Toys For Tots. There are two ways to enter.

Take a picture of yourself donating to a Toys for Tots drop off box. These include the Toys for Tots bins at local Toys R’ Us locations, as well as other areas. I will be posting a collage of the pictures here before Christmas, but if you’d like I can blur out your face or you can wear a clever disguise. Please note that when you email your entrance, say if you’d like your face seen or not.

The second option is to send proof of an online cash donation to their website (they do send you a email receipt that can be forwarded).

All entries must be emailed to!

But why should you do this? Partially because you’re a nice person, but also because there’s prizes involved. What are the prizes? I’m glad you asked!

Grand Prize: The Grand Prize will be a $75 Visa gift card. Spend it wherever you like! It’s just like money! Buy some Doctor Who toys, buy a bunch of coffee, do whatever you want with it.
Second Prize: Courtesy of the fine folks at BigBadToyStore, a $40 gift card to spend at the biggest and baddest online toy store in the land,!
Bonus Prizes: Various other prizes will be given out to random participants. I haven’t worked out all the prizes yet, but they’ll all be good. These will not be monetary, but will be new action figures and toys.

At the moment the prizes have been provided by the generosity of myself and However if you’re a company, kind individual or sponsor who would like to provide a prize for this awesome contest, please contact me at: Toys For Tots Prize Sponsors!

If you don’t know where a Toys For Tots location is, check their website: Toys For Tots Locations and any Toys R Us or Babies R Us are considered to be “national” drop offs – otherwise the actual website will give you someone local to contact.

Entries must be received by 12/31/10 in order to qualify. My girlfriend was the one who helped me come up with this and she’ll be choosing a winner at random, with that person to be announced shortly after the new year.

If you run a website and would like to link to this post, please use the following graphic and help me get the word out about giving to Toys For Tots this holiday season.

This contest is not sponsored nor endorsed by Toys For Tots. If someone from Toys For Tots would like to endorse this contest, that’s fine with me. No one at Infinite Hollywood is responsible for lost or misdirected mail. No claiming prizes you didn’t win. Any unclaimed prizes will be fed to the Sarlacc. All prizes are non-transferable, with no cash redemption and/or substitutions.

The contest is open anywhere there is a Toys For Tots drop off box. If you can’t donate to Toys for Tots (If you live in the UK or another country), exceptions can be made on a case by case basis to donate to other worthy causes. Email your requests for exceptions to with the subject heading “Contest Exception Request” as the subject line.

Prizes will be shipped free of charge to the continental 48 United States. All other countries must pay shipping themselves… Because we’re cheap. Void where prohibited, sorry no CODs.

You may only win one prize per contest. If you’re Santa, you’re exempt from playing in the contest as you should already be giving toys to plenty of less fortunate kids. We’re just trying to help you out because we know that even you can only do so much this year. Let’s keep this fair Claus!

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