Hello all, been a while. I’ve been out getting married, which surprisingly has really cut into my dvd watching 😉 So today, before we get ready to wing our way to a fabulous northern Michigan honeymoon, I snuck off for a few minutes to write a very special review.

As I have previously mentioned, I married a wonderful geek like me, who was perfectly happy to have an unusual wedding cake. The result?

I’ve never done a food review, so I’ll do my best. The cake was made in a little local bakery, which is known for doing cool and unusual cakes. The funny part was how many times I had to explain to them what the heck the Tardis was! They kept asking me if I was a police officer, which I guess is not surprising, but still, come on Doctor Who, you really need more influence on that US market!

The Structure:
The base, up to the tops of the windows is actually made of foam blocks, and just the top is two layers of cake. Between them there was a vanilla butter cream frosting. The cake was secured to the top by two wood rods, to keep if from shifting.

The windows, sign, and lights are all fondant coverings, which did not taste great, but the frosting and cake itself were delicious. And yes, the frosting does turn your teeth, mouth, and everything else it touches blue.

The cake was a little tricky to cut, since the light was in the middle so I had to kind of cut at an odd angle. Not the easiest thing to do in the world, especially when there are a hundred people watching you! Still, I managed, and received rave reviews.

Later on…

In order to make sure our guests did not all have blue mouths we instead had the bakery provide us with a number of sheet cakes with plain white frosting on top, which was also a big hit. The Tardis cake was wheeled to the back until the end of the night when we asked for the leftovers.

This is what they gave us:

Suffice it to say we have plenty of blue teeth moments ahead of us!

And so I sign off for a while, as we get ready to leave on our honeymoon soon. I probably will not be back until August. However, one of the gifts we received was an all expenses paid trip to Chicago to Wizard World, on the Bruce Campbell experience package, so you know I will have much to say and show after that.

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