Do you know my spell check says “krispie” is spelled wrong? Clearly this is not the case. And, clearly, these are not your regular rice krispie treats.

With it officially being Fall, and Halloween around the corner, stores are starting to fill their shelves with seasonal pumpkin items. I mean, really, I’m just going to be honest and say it’s slightly out of control this year. Everywhere I turn around there’s something new, and I seriously might go broke, if I tried to get them all. However, I could not resist pumpkin marshmallows. No, not just shaped like pumpkins. They taste like it, too. Pumpkin flavored marshmallows?! Excellent!

Kraft makes these little dudes.

They look like little soft pumpkins and you can smell the pumpkin scent as soon as you open the bag.

And then well, they taste like pumkins too. But you can’t just eat a whole bag of marshmallows! What’s the best thing to do with marshmallows? I mean besides just stuff your face with them. Make Rice Krispie treats. So, that’s the plan, man.

¼ cup butter
1 bag (10 ounces) pumpkin marshmallows (minus 2)
5 ½ cups krispie rice
Non-stick cooking spray

Don’t worry, if you are a visual person, look here. Here’s what you need:

You are allowed to make rice krispie treats without actually having Snap, Krackle and Pop. I used the off brand to save more money to buy more pumpkin crap.

Also, as a side note: I like mine gooey, marshmallowy and stuff. If you are turned off by this (you might need help) or you can just add another ½ to 1 cup of rice krispies. Melt butter in a big pot.

Throw in whole bag of marshmallows.

This is what 5 ½ cups of krispie treats look like. I pre-measured mine.

Once your butter/marshmallows look like this:

Gingerly put in your rice krispies.

Maybe give it a stir.

Spray a pan with non-stick cooking spray, and then poor mixture in.

Smoosh down.

Let sit for a couple hours, and wah-la! Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats.

2 Responses to Infinite Cuisine: Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

  • The Blot says:

    I was seriously just telling my wife yesterday how I wanted to make Rice Krispy treats with the new pumpkin flavored marshmallows, but she was didn't want to do it because she was afraid they would be gross. We are so doing this next weekend now!

  • I was hoping I wasn't the only one with this idea. I feel somewhat validated. So, yeah! Go for it!

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