M&Ms White Chocolate Candy Corn Review

The 31 Days of Halloween is in full swing here at InfiniteHollywood.com and today we’re taking a look at one of the most important parts of the season… CANDY!

I love candy, but about a month ago I started a pretty rigid diet and exercise plan, so every time I eat some sort of fattening candy here on the site, I’m doing it for you, the readers. One of my favorite Halloween candies is the old staple of the season, candy corn. I know a lot of people don’t like candy corn, but myself, I love it. I’m less of a fan of white chocolate, however.

M&Ms Mummy

When I saw that M&Ms had a new candy corn flavored treat, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, this new product from M&Ms is more a trick than a treat. It’s labeled as “White Chocolate Candy Corn” but it doesn’t exactly say what that means. I assumed it meant that this was a combination of white chocolate and candy corn. You know, since that’s what the label says.

M&Ms White Chocolate Candy Corn

One of the first things I noticed when dumping out the contents, was a disproportionate number of orange M&Ms in comparison to the others. That reminds me of the very low number of dark red colored M&Ms I got during last Christmas season’s Cherry Cordial M&Ms.

When I opened the bag, I was greeted with the faint scent of candy corn. I got excited. This might be better off than I originally thought. Would some of the M&Ms be white chocolate flavored and the others be candy corn? Would they all be a mixture of the two flavors? I decided to bite into a white one first, to see what flavor the whites were.

M&Ms Candy Corn

The first thing I noticed was that the white ones taste like white chocolate. I pretty much expected that. The taste of white chocolate is pretty strong and I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate in general. However, I believe that when it’s tempered with other flavors, it can be quite nice. Since this piece was pure white chocolate, I figured the others would have the candy corn flavor.

M&Ms Candy Corn

So I bit into a yellow one. It was also plain white chocolate. So then I tried the orange, the rarest of the colors. Surely orange would come through for me, right?

Lex Luthor hates M&Ms

Nope, it’s also plain white chocolate. So where the hell is the CANDY CORN?!? I assume the candy corn is simply in “design” because these are the colors of candy corn. Totally weak and a complete cop out by M&Ms.

Of course this begs the question on where the faint scent of candy corn came from when I opened the bag. Was the smell sprayed into the bag? Was my subconscious projecting that scent into my mind because I wanted these to taste like candy corn? Was it because I had these resting in a grocery bag that had real candy corn in it? The world may never know.

But yeah, anyway these suck. Unless you don’t like candy corn and love white chocolate, then you’re in luck. But why even bother calling them candy corn, if they don’t taste like candy corn?! I hate that sort of marketing.

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