JJ's Pumpkin Fruit Pie

It’s no secret that I love pumpkin flavored stuff and that I consider pumpkin a traditional fall flavor that ties into Halloween. Through previous Halloween seasons I’ve reviewed a ton of pumpkin snacks, like the Jamba Juice Pumpkin Smash, Pumpkin Pie Blizzard, Culver’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Shake, and even Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispie Treats. So it should come as no surprise that I decided to try my hand at tasting JJ’s Pumpkin Fruit Pie.

Even though I recently began eating healthier, the allure of a small fruit pie with pumpkin filling was too much to pass up. Obviously Hostess is the most famous brand of fruit pies, but JJ’s have been around for quite a while too. I can’t recall the last fruit pie I had prior to this one, but it’s probably been several years.

Fruit Pie Review

On the surface, this Pumpkin Pie appeared the same as any other fruit pie. I knew going in that a pumpkin pie without whipped cream of some sort, is already at a disadvantage but I figured the good folks at JJ’s had some sort of solution for this problem. I should mention that at 410 calories for one pie (only 130 calories less than a Big Mac), I was pretty disgusted before I even bit into this Special Edition pie.

Pumpkin Pie Review

And things did not get any better. This pie is gross. It seems to be filled with plain old pumpkin pie filling, with no real flavoring or added taste. In fact, it actually tastes much worse than regular pumpkin pie filling because of the added preservatives that allow it to remain “fresh” in that box. It was just absolutely dreadful.

I choked down a bite or two, but that was it. If a guy like me who loves pumpkin pie and various pumpkin products, can’t enjoy even a few bites of this pastry, you know it’s terrible. Even at less than a dollar, this fruit pie isn’t worth your time.

I will confess that it does say you can microwave it and perhaps that would make it taste better (with a big glob of Cool Whip!) but I’ve only ever eaten fruit pies straight out of the package and this one failed that test. This is some serious zombie food.

4 Responses to Infinite Cuisine: JJ’s Pumpkin Fruit Pie Review

  • Lisa says:

    I never heard of JJ’s and hadn’t had a packaged fruit pie in years, but I just saw this at a travel center along a highway and couldn’t resist. I did microwave it for 10 seconds, so I don’t know if that made a difference (it was only a little warm) but I loved it! It was nice and sweet and the texture of the crust was perfect. I’m glad they don’t sell them near me or I’d be hard pressed to resist. 🙂

    • Newton says:

      Haha, well at least you liked it. I do think microwaving may have helped. Then again maybe I just got a bad one. Though my taste for these kinds of snacks just isn’t what it used to be anyway.

      • MIKE says:

        I think your out of your mind and maybe its your eating rabbit food that has ruined your taste buds. This pie is off the hook!!! It has a taste like no other punpkin pie ive ever come across.

  • Cheryl Quebedeaux says:

    I love the pumpkin one! Actually they are all good and loaded with filling! Mmmmmmm!!

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