Halloween Jell-O Review

Is it wrong to not like Jell-O? I’m not really sure, because I haven’t come across too many people who don’t enjoy it, except myself. Who knows, some may even consider it Un-American. But, in the spirit of Halloween, and all those super holiday inspired goodies out there, I am experiencing, with you, how to make Jell-O Jigglers. Look, don’t consider me completely weird. I’ve made Jell-O before. I have just never actually made the Jigglers.

I bought this package at Wal-Mart for $2.98, and, was actually pretty excited about it, since it included not only the Jell-O, but the mold too. I like these kinds of all-in-one packages. It included:

Jell-O Jiggler Review

Grape Jell-O
Orange Jell-O
6 Figure Mold of Halloween Characters

Upon opening this, I could already tell there was going to be an issue. I’m not a rocket scientist or anything, but I’m pretty clever when it comes to measurements of food and what fits and what doesn’t. It was pretty apparent there was entirely too much Jell-O for these 6 molds.

Grape Jello Review

It was slightly upsetting that you could only make 6 Jigglers at one time, and really, to be completely honest, I’m not sure you could make more than that with this batch, unless you happen to have another mold. I was ultimately left with tons of additional Jell-O.

Orange Jello Review

After heating the water, you have to pour it into the molds. First the grape…

Grape Jello Review

Grape Jello Review

Then the orange…

Orange Jello Review

Orange Jello Review

You have two whole boxes for six Jiggler shapes. It’s kind of absurd.

Jello Review

 Jello Review

I tried, mind you. But, as you may know, Jell-O, well, it’s got gelatin in it, which means, of course, it gels. And, I tried to leave it out on the counter, warm, to make sure I could still “jiggle” with it, but, alas, it didn’t work. The bottom of my container was all Jello-y (not a real word) and stuff, and I had to give up and accept the fact that I could only make those 6, especially since I was informed by the package that I was supposed to refrigerate the first set for 3 hours.

This is how much extra Jello liquid was in each batch!

The other concerning issue is using Pam on my Jiggler tray. I don’t really care for Jell-O, but it seems even less appealing when it’s greasy.

 Jello and PAM

I followed the directions, lightly spraying the molds with Pam (technically, instructions called for cooking spray, which is the same difference), boiling water and mixing with the Jell-O. Couldn’t be simpler. And, when they were set up, they were super cute. Greasy, but cute.


And as for the giant amounts of Jell-O I had left over, I layered it in a container to not waste it. The Grape and Orange Jell-O made for festive Halloween colors.

They look cute, but taste kind of nasty because of having to use Pam to unstick them from the molds.

And, you could probably get pretty creative with this package, because you can make creamy Jell-O, and that’s pretty cool too. All in all, besides obviously having too much (and if any of you have some suggestion of how it should have been done, let me know), they were neat little molds that probably would go over well with anyone for Halloween.

Extra combined leftover Jell-O!

And, if you like Jell-O, leftovers probably aren’t a problem. If you do, I’m sending mine to you.

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  • Isela says:

    I know I’m a year too late but I just saw and bought the same pkg yesterday for this Halloween (2013). Just wanted to let you know, if someone else hasn’t yet, that you can reheat your left over jello in a microwaveable container, mix, and re-use to make more jigglers. Even jello you have already refrigerated. Works for me.

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