So today I’m looking at more Halloween goodies, but this time in cupcake form! It’s Pillsbury’s Halloween Funfetti Cupcakes. Including the special Halloween Funfetti frosting and sprinkles. It’s frosted orange deliciousness!

Here’s the directions for you bakers at home. However, I prefer my directions. Which is three easy steps:

1. Get a girlfriend.
Make sure you’ve selected a model than can cook. At the very least she needs some amateur baking skills. If you can’t find one, use your Mom.
2. Force her to make cupcakes.
Gentle pleading works best, but in worst case scenarios you can persuade her threatening to buy more toys. Shame her into realizing that making cupcakes for you is the lesser of two evils.
3. Enjoy cupcakes.
It’s just that simple. Nobody gets hurt (not a guarantee).

Halloween Cupcakes are best when they have fancy Halloween oriented containers. These little paper ones say “BOO!” on them and are very festive. This package also contains toothpicks with ghosts and pumpkins on them. Guaranteed to make your cupcakes go from “cool” to “way cool”.

Once your cupcakes are done cooking (GF or Mom will know this) they should be pulled out of the oven and allowed to cool for a bit. Then it’s onto the frosting!

Look, it’s orange! Sadly that’s just food coloring. It would be a billion times better if it actually tasted like orange. What’s up with that Pillsbury Doughboy? Would it have been so hard for it to have tasted like an orange?!

Once you finally have them frosted, you can take your sprinkles and sprinkle them gently on the cupcake. Look, it’s a bat!

Carefully stack them in your handy cupcake holder (not included) and admire your lady friend’s hard work.

Of course for the complete effect, you need to put in the festive toothpicks. Now you’re a regular Martha Stewart!

Except you have the years and experience of a Time Lord, so you let Doctor Who investigate. You must ensure that the cupcakes aren’t a clever plot by the Master to raise your cholesterol!

Oh no, Winston has spotted a ghost in the cupcakes! Blast that stinkin’ ghost!

“That’s a big Twinkie!”

Close enough Mr. Zeddemore, close enough.

Once the ghosts are busted, the Gallifreyans appeased, it’s time to chow down! The cupcakes taste alright, but are pretty much just plain vanilla cupcakes. The patent pending Funfetti doesn’t add much to the flavor. Oh well, it’s not the taste… It’s the journey getting there!

7 Responses to Infinite Cuisine: Halloween Funfetti Cupcakes

  • -Beth, the GF says:

    Well, you did do the sprinkles, and they looked ok. Heh 🙂

  • Mary says:

    Maaaaaan, I want a GF who'll bake halloween cupcakes for me. 🙁

    I mean, I can do brownies and toffee and some other stuff. But not cupcakes.

  • Bill says:

    Agreed- The Funfetti contribute nothing to Flavortown, even when you eat them straight from the container. This, BTW, according to Perfect Wifey (and the baker), is a violation of cupcake making, that will result in you getting the "stink eye" the rest of the night!

  • jestergoblin says:

    Articles like this make me feel like the odd one out. I mean, I just make all my recipes from scratch over at – those Irish Carbomb Cupcakes aren't going to make themselves!

    I think I need to get a cupcake tree…

  • - Beth, the GF says:

    What a cool site. I'll have to go in and look at some of your recipes. I make a lot of stuff from scratch, but in an effort to show what people can get out there on the shelves, we decided to go with this idea.

    Cupcake tree was cool! Got it from my sister a while ago and this was the first time we actually pulled it out and used it.

  • Yeah I think it's just trickery in advertising!

  • Charaze says:

    Just like the name of the cupcake, they look really fun! What a way to make Halloween a lot more fun! 😀

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