Here’s a candy I picked up this past weekend… Giant Smarties. Just as the name suggests, it’s a giant version of classic candy, Smarties. I’ve loved Smarties ever since I was a little kid. It was the candy I would always trade to get more of at Halloween. I still love them… But these giant sized ones are out of control.

Take a look at a pack next to this vintage Ninja Turtle for an example of scale. These things are huge.

Surprisingly they taste exactly like regular Smarties. I say surprisingly, because often a “giant size” version of a candy is different than a normal version. Not these giant Smarties, they have the exact same tangy tart goodness in their taste. They are also very sweet. Smarties are always sweet, but these Smarties are each a full inch wide. Making each individual Smartie about the equivalent of six regular Smarties.

It’s almost as if Harvey Birdman villain, Reducto, used his gun to make a pack of Smarties to giant, instant diabetes inducing size. Either way they’re pretty neat as a novelty candy but I can’t eat a whole pack in a single session like I can their tiny Smurf-like counterparts.

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