Earlier this month during our Halloween celebration I reviewed the breakfast cereal of champions zombies, Franken Berry. As I mentioned in my Review of Franken Berry, it was one of my favorite cereals growing up. So when I saw that Fruit Roll-Ups had a special Franken Berry flavor, I just had to try it!

The box sports a big ol’ picture of Frankie on the front. The picture looks like some of the older artwork they used to use for Franken Berry, as opposed to the computer generated Frank on the current General Mills boxes. It’s worth noting that there is also a Boo Berry flavor, but no Count Chocula flavor. I guess they can’t make artificial chocolate roll-ups. Fatties everywhere are bound to be upset by this news.

Inside is your metallic pink baggy with the Fruit Roll-Up inside. Actual fruit roll-ups are healthy when made with real fruit. These ones from Betty Crocker, not so much. They only have 50 calories which is way less than a can of pop, but they claim to be a “Great source of Vitamin C” when in all actuality they only provide a paltry 10%. Don’t skip your vitamins for Fruit Roll-Ups, kids.

The Roll-Up is then wrapped in a thin sheet of plastic. This prevents the fruity goodness from sticking together. Don’t be the poor sap who eats the plastic.

Once you finally unroll your Roll-Up, you’re treated to four ink printed designs. That’s kind of gross actually. It’s clear that these have been printed on by a big machine. Nothing says unhealthy like printer dots on your food. The little zombie Strawberry under the words “Spooky Snack” is pretty neat though.

Usually the Roll-Ups have precut shapes, so you can pop them out. I’ve always thought that was a bit pointless, but Betty Crocker skipped that this time anyway. So how much does it taste like Franken Berry? NOT AT ALL! Yeah, this is just regular strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups. Totally misleading, I’m afraid.

Would it be so hard to use the same 13 original herbs and spices that make up General Mills Franken Berry? Clearly these Fruit Roll-Ups are trying to capitalize on our love of the General Mills Breakfast Monsters, without delivering on the taste we love. Thumbs down for that. However, if you like strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups (which I do), then these aren’t a total waste. Just don’t go in expecting the sweet taste of Franken Berry.

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