Ah the Fortune Cookie. Believed to be based on the Japanese Tsujiura Senbei, the modern cookie first appeared in the United States in the early 1900’s in California. It has since become a staple of Chinese restaurants around the country and various other parts of the globe, though it isn’t something steeped in rich tradition as it might appear on the surface. In fact Fortune Cookies aren’t popular at all in China. In fact they were marketed in the 90’s to the Chinese as “genuine American” Fortune Cookies. Fortune Cookies are a great example of a Western invention of Eastern Tradition.

We here at Infinite Hollywood love the taste of Fortune Cookies, but in fact a large portion of consumers of Fortune Cookies don’t eat them. Yes, they are edible. Sadly many of the delicious treats are smashed to bits as people are only interested in their paper prognostications.

The correct form for revealing your fortune is to break the cookie at it’s fold, giving you two pieces of edible goodness and your paper fortune inside. Many cookies now include lucky lotto numbers, proving to cheapen the entire process. Originally fortune cookies contained mostly old Chinese proverbs. In modern times they’ve come to have simpler messages. This one simply reads “You have an ability to sense and know higher truth”.


Interestingly, nowhere on the package for most Fortune Cookies is a warning not to eat the paper fortune slip. It’s not recommended and rumors that if you eat the paper fortune, it will come true, are mostly unfounded. We have the stomach ache to prove it. However if you want to eat the cookie, it’s sugar and vanilla which give the cookie it’s great taste and oil which helps provide the unique texture.

And now you know a little bit more about the ancient Chinese genuine American Fortune Cookie!

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