I also attended Wizard World in Chicago, like so many others, this past weekend. I went for various reasons, but, since I am not a toy collector, I will undoubtedly stick to what I know. Food. I do not expect to have fabulous food at conventions of this nature (as, I soon came to realize at C2E2), but, I always expect to pay a ton of money for it. And, this time, was certainly no exception.

Upon arriving, since skipping breakfast, for various reasons, I was already hungry. Which, could have been bad. However, when making rounds, I noticed that the snack bar they had conveniently located in the convention center, had no where to sit. And, this is not because there were so many people, it literally had no where to sit. Standing tables only. In the far back corner of the center, there was what one volunteer lady referred to as “the buffet”. Unfortunately, they accepted cash only, which I had none of. I realized after the fact that this was probably not the best idea. But, if you ask anyone that knows me, I never have any cash, and almost ran out of money coming through the 58 tolls I had to pay to get to the convention center.

Regardless, I ended up at the The Great Expoteria Restaurant. Choices were not horrible, and many things looked great (including the Italian Sausage, which I did not get). Instead, I placed a safe bet with the cheeseburger (and, if you visited there, it might have brought you back to John Belushi days of Saturday Night Live). As previously mentioned, it was horribly overpriced. $25.47 for two cheeseburgers, with fries, and two drinks. I felt violated. Specifically more so after eating my extremely dry hamburger (or what I could choke down). And, unfortunately, they really do have you cornered. You can’t leave, or you will pay double parking, so no driving anywhere. And, you certainly could walk to somewhere close by, if you want to pay more than $25 for one meal.

But, I realize that people aren’t necessarily going there for food. But, we all got hungry (which was evidenced by the line in the restaurant). So, while I wouldn’t eat there on a daily basis (and, really, who would go to a convention center to eat?), for what’s it’s worth, it probably could have been worse.

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  • Rob_Mac says:

    The food at the local Novi convention we have here every year is equally bad, and just as overpriced. One thing I always find interesting is that the sell ice cream at Novi, and people are walking around, flipping through merchandise and eating ice cream cones. A little dangerous!

    And one year the had a booth that sold fudge. Not just sold, they were making it there, in the con. Just a fudge booth between racks of comics. Again, not really sure that those two things mix!

    Nice review. Sorry the food was crap, but glad I avoided it now 🙂

  • wesitron says:

    Do they still have the con at the Rosemont Convention Center? Used to be a McDonald's about a block or two down the road that you could walk to for some grub, if I remember right. Busy of course, but worth it for the cost.

    Sorry to hear about the Finite Cuisine. I always tell myself I'm gonna pack a sack lunch for those things and not once have I ever done it.

  • I saw people there eating ice cream and walking around. Kind of made me want some, but not sure it was worth the trouble of trying to find out where they got it. I also kind of felt trapped in the convention center, because half the time, I couldn't find my way out. And, I totally get that maybe that's not the smartest idea, foodwise, for that kind of convention. I'm always willing to try crappy food, to let you know just how crappy it really is.

  • Yes. And, unfortunately, my stomach can handle a dry burger from there better than McDonald's. But, totally nice to know, in case in the future, I might want to risk it. And, I might.

    I saw tons of people at C2E2 with packed lunches, and hardly any here. It was kind of surprising.

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