After some time away from most major grocers (but still available in limited markets) the Coke version of Mountain Dew is back. Mello Yello was a popular drink in the 1980’s, that was mostly marketed in the South. Eventually Mountain Dew became even more popular and Coke ended it’s “Make the Mello Yello Move” campaign.

We’ve never been much of a fan of Mountain Dew here at Infinite Hollywood. It’s sugary and largely devoid of flavor. Mello Yello on the other hand, we like. So much so that when Mello Yello hit the store shelves again recently, we stocked our fridges. Perhaps it’s a southern thing, but’s hard to beat a Mello Yello and a Moon Pie after a hard day’s work.

Don’t take our word for it, check out this ad from the mid 1980’s with Dusty Rhodes shilling Mello Yello. Shame these new cans don’t have the NWA wrestlers on them. Now that was a cross promotion I could get behind.

Of course, I’d buy anything Dusty Rhodes tells me is good.

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