Davros’ Extermination Pudding
Recipe by Terry Molloy
Made by Fare Necessities

Newton’s Note: I promised a while back that the Fare Necessities food blog would be chiming in with some new content for our Infinite Cuisine category and that starts today. Check out this really cool Doctor Who recipe from our friends over there. Take it away!

About a year or two ago, I completely fell in love with Doctor Who. I have to be completely honest and tell you, I have only really watched the newer episodes—ever since the 9th Doctor. (I had liked Christopher Eccleston previously, from Heroes.) I watched the entire seasons of the 9th Doctor and 10th Doctor probably in the span of two months. So, when I asked to come to Infinite Hollywood and become a contributor, as it related to food, I went on the search for Doctor Who food related items. And, that’s when I found The Doctor Who Cookbook. Only one ever published. I only needed to get my hands on it, which on Ebay was quite expensive. To my surprise, my local library had one solitary copy. All the recipes are courtesy of members of the show, either production crew or actors.

I tried to pick a recipe that wasn’t too difficult, and yet sounded delicious. I was unsure about baked bananas, but it turned out being a pretty awesome dessert.


2 large bananas

2 egg whites

2 ½ tablespoons sugar

Raspberry Jam (jelly)

Chopped nuts (of your choice)

Whipped cream

Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees. Cut the bananas in their skins lengthwise and spread a layer of raspberry jam on the exposed side of the bananas. Then place the bananas with their skins on in an ovenproof dish (make sure that the skins are on the bottom side). Whip the egg whites (having separated them from the eggs beforehand) until the egg becomes white and stiff in fluffy firm peaks. Then carefully fold in the sugar. Spread the whites on top of the jam and sprinkle the chopped nuts over it.

Place in the oven and cook for 20 minutes, or until egg whites are browned. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream. If you really want to be exterminated, a lovely portion of ice cream would be nice.

Author Terry Molloy’s Note:
I loved baked or barbequed bananas. They remind me of the lovely barbeques that we have on those golden beaches in Australia where we wrap the bananas in tinfoil and throw them on the first to cook in their skins. Delicious!

Davros has presented a delicious dessert, and he is determined to wreak his revenge on everyone by making you eat too much. After your third helping when you are relaxing in your chair, wishing that you had resisted the temptation, that is when he will strike. But who cares about the calories? If you’ve come this far, you might as well go the whole way. Eat your way to extermination!

Whipped egg white on top of bananas, ready for the oven!

Despite the strangeness of this recipe, it was really tasty! You should try it out for yourself. If you like this recipe, please feel free to drop by my website (www.farenecessities.com) solely dedicated to all things food. I appreciate Infinite Hollywood allowing me to contribute to such an awesome website, and welcome any ideas you might have for upcoming recipes as well.

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  • Bill says:

    How izzit I never heard of this book! Awesome and I must own it. Not sure about this recipe though. Baked bananas? In their skins?!

    The Fare Necessities site is great too, thanks for the link.

  • I agree – baked bananas is slightly out of the norm. However, I was surprisingly shocked at how much I liked it. The book is filled with recipes that are all slightly out of the norm (just as a forewarning). I know I saw it on Amazon or Ebay, because I was going to buy it – but then found out my library had it.

    Oh, and thanks for the compliment on the site 🙂

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