Snickers Candy Review

One of the things you’ve likely noticed here on our 31 Days of Halloween is a fair amount of candy and “treat” reviews. The reason is rather simple, it’s the season of lots of new flavor candies and treats. Probably moreso than any other time of the year. Christmas brings in a fair amount too, but Halloween takes the proverbial cake.

Milky Way Caramel Apple Review

Thus far though, things have not exactly been that good. The Candy Corn M&Ms sucked and so did the nearly revolting Pumpkin Fruit Pie So can Milky Way bring us out of the abyss with their latest Halloween candy?

Caramel Apple Review

I am not actually a very big fan of Milky Way candy, as it’s basically the same as a Snickers but without the peanuts. I like more for my money, so I go with the Snickers more often than not. Oddly enough I like 3 Musketeers, so who knows what’s wrong with me. Anyway, the premise of “caramel apple” sounded intriguing.

These are minis, at only about 40 calories per bite. That’s not bad at all, because I am usually good after one or two of these things. They have an immediate aroma of apple, that’s definitely artificial, but it has some genuine apple taste as well. The caramel that’s already normally included in Milky Way serves as the caramel in this concoction.

And it tastes great! It doesn’t really taste like a caramel apple necessarily, but the light apple tints in taste, really permeate the bite sized chocolates. It makes this rather basic candy bar have an extra little kick. It’s probably my favorite Autumn treat I’ve tried thus far. I hope Milky Way keeps this around or brings it back each season. Steal these from your kid’s Halloween bags!

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