Joe Kubert Memoriam

The world of comics lost a great one this week as Joe Kubert passed away at age 85. In his many years in the comic book industry, Kubert had drawn just about everything but spent most of his time with DC, creating a body of work that has influenced thousands within the industry and no doubt millions more in the years ahead. He’s perhaps most famous for his work on Sgt. Rock, Tarzan and his stint with Hawkman. His style was simple, raw, approachable and yet sophisticated enough that he could still get work in today’s market not just because of “who he was” but because of his talent. His work has a certain timeless quality that often made us forget that the man himself wasn’t as immortal as the scenes he created.

He leaves behind a lasting legacy of incredible artwork and stories that could only be told through his graphic imagery. His school further helped many young artists and has spawned a generation of artists who know the “Kubert way” and his school will continue to live on in his name. There have been plenty of great artists and storytellers in the world of comics, but only a few legends. Joe Kubert was one of those legendary figures and he will be missed.

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