This one comes as a total shock to me and is quite sad. Elisabeth Sladen, known to fans around the world as Sarah Jane Smith, a long time companion of the 3rd and 4th Doctors, passed away at age 63. Sladen had returned to the role of Sarah Jane in a crossover with the 10th Doctor reuniting her with the character of the Doctor for the first time in years. She also had her own quite successful kids show called the Sarah Jane Adventures, featuring the same character.

That show had just been renewed for a fifth season and Elisabeth Sladen reportedly filmed several episodes before her untimely death. I wasn’t even aware Sladen was ill, but apparently she had battled cancer for a while. She will be greatly missed. As with the others who have been taken from us too soon, she will live on eternally through her countless hours of work in the Doctor Who mythos and will no doubt be discovered and loved for generations to come.

3 Responses to In Memoriam Elisabeth Sladen

  • Wes GRogan says:

    Damn. Just.. damn.

  • Russ says:

    Well, she's now reunited with Jon Pertwee and Brigadier General Lethbridge-Stewart.

  • Joseph Tages says:

    So soon after Nicholas Courtney's own passing. All the three main actors from Jon's final year are now gone. I feel sorry for the younger kids who watch TSJA who have to deal with their lead actress dying so unexpectedly. It was, after all, a children's show. A huge loss for many people over the world. RIP, Lis.

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